Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy Massage

Relax your mind with this calming massage

Where: Gold’s Gym Ladies Club, Etihad Mall, 800 Golds (46537),

How Long: 60 minutes

How much: Dhs325, Gold’s Gym member Dhs250

Treatment: This massage uses essential oils such as lemongrass and sweet almond that work with your sense of smell to leave you feeling completely calm. Before the session, my therapist asked questions about my medical history, diet and lifestyle and asked specifically about areas that required attention. The oils applied were warm (as the heat helps the skin to absorb it effectively) and were gently massaged onto my back in smooth and flowing motions. The therapist also applied the right amount of pressure to all my knotted and sore muscles. The massage then continued with the therapist moving on to my hands and feet in the same circular patterns that were truly relaxing. The room itself smelled divine and had soft music and lit candles, all of which made me extremely calm.

Results: The lovely and fragrant blend of the essential oils not only made me feel better in an instant, it also helped in relieving muscle and body ache, leaving me completely energised. I will definitely be going back for a repeat of this great sensory experience.

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