Arjun Rampal Slams Assault Rumours
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Arjun Rampal Slams Assault Rumours

The actor denies flinging a camera and injuring a fan. Find out more!

The rumour mill has been buzzing with news that Arjun Rampal who was recently playing the DJ console at a popular nightspot in Delhi was annoyed when a photographer tried to get pictures of him following which he flung the photographers camera into the audience, injuring a fan.

The fan who was injured, Shobit, confirmed the happening of that night saying that he was indeed hurt by the actor.

The otherwise calm Arjun, rubbished rumours through a twitter post saying, "Woke up to be flooded by messages of assaulting a fan? Man!!Where do people make this news up from? Not assaulted anyone #untrue #fakenews,"

The police have confirmed that Shobit has suffered a head injury and they have now registered a complaint. 

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