Arjun Rampal Reveals the Last Five Years Have Been ‘Sheer Hell’ For Him
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Arjun Rampal Reveals the Last Five Years Have Been ‘Sheer Hell’ For Him

Arjun Rampal opened up about the tough times he went through in the recent past and how his girlfriend has brought him peace

Arjun Rampal has admitted that the last five years have been “sheer hell” for him. The actor was mostly indicating at the loss of his mother, Gwen, to cancer some time back but it’s also a fact that Arjun has gone through a rather tough period professionally and personally. He also went through a divorce with Mehr Jesia which added to his woes.

"It’s been sheer hell for the last five years but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, doesn’t it?” Arjun told Pune Mirror in an interview. However, while he may gone through tough times, Arjun is also in a very happy space since his girlfriend Gabriella Demetriades is expecting now.

In April, Arjun announced he was expecting a child with his South African girlfriend. Sharing the news on Instagram, Arjun wrote: “Blessed to have you and start all over again. Thank you baby for this baby.”

On how Gabriella and he met, he said: Ah, that’s a question to ask. We met through common friends. So, what can I say? That she stalked me? Wishful thinking that, buddy! It’s only been a year since we started dating and here we are. For keeps...”

Arjun also revealed that both his daughters have now accepted Gabriella as their step mother. "And I must add that it was of prime importance that my daughters should accept her as part of the family. I’m blessed that they have, no questions asked,” Arjun proudly said in the interview, indicating that he is finally settling down in life.

Professionally, Arjun is producing two period dramas for two separate TV channels. The Daddy actor hasn't announced any film yet.

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