Arjun Rampal- Mehr Jesia Split: Here's All the Gossip Floating Around About the Separation
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Arjun Rampal- Mehr Jesia Split: Here's All the Gossip Floating Around About the Separation

Arjun Rampal and Mehr Jesia split and here's a timeline of what went down!

Arjun Rampal and his wife of 20-years, Mehr Jesia announced their split yesterday (29th May), and the internet broke out into various discussions on why it happened and what was the cause for the break-up.

Arjun and Mehr have been married since 20-years and also have two daughters together. While many fans were shocked on why they decided to part ways after so long, others pin-pointed on the turmoil in their relationship and the many controversies they were embroiled in. One big rumour that went around the last few years was that of growing closeness between Arjun Rampal and ex-family friend, Sussanne Khan. These rumours caught wind after Sussanne and Hrithik divorced in 2014, however, there was no confirmation on their alleged affair.

Years later, when Arjun and Mehr announced their slept yesterday, gossip mills went into a tizzy trying to join the dots on what could have led to the decision. Here are snippets of something circulating on the internet that caught our attention:


According to a report on Mumbai Mirror, Mehr grew extremely insecure of Sussanne Khan, when she noticed the growing closeness between Sussanne and Arjun. Back then, the two couples, Arjun-Mehr and Hrithik-Sussanne, were great friends and would often be seen hanging out together. The couples shared a close bond which is when Arjun reportedly got attracted to Sussanne.


A source revealed to Mumbai Mirror, “When Arjun’s equations with many industry friends were worsening, his friendship with Sussanne only strengthened over time and Mehr grew extremely insecure. It led to several fights between the couple,” revealed a close friend, recalling how last year, at a bash hosted by Sussanne’s cousin Fardeen Khan, the former BFFs had a very public spat. “Mehr and Sussanne yelled at one another before Mehr stormed out of the party. The two have not spoken to each other since.”
During her divorce, Sussanne however came forward trashing every rumour of any affair with Arjun. She said, “Arjun and Mehr are my friends and have been for years. To poison a relationship such as this is malicious behaviour. I have, with Mehr, earlier stated that there is no truth to the claim that Arjun and I are anything more than friends.”


Sources went on to reveal that a ‘violent and loud’ fight in 2016, was the tipping point, when Mehr was forced to apologize to their neighbours and Arjun moved out to a five-star hotel. The source revealed, “They were fighting so loudly and throwing things at each other that the neighbours threatened to complain to the police as it wasn’t the first fight of its kind. Mehr apologised profusely to them and immediately after that, Arjun moved into a five-star service apartment for a week,”


Last year in2017, reports suggested that the couple were trying to making their marriage work. Mehr was often seen praying at the Mount Mary church in Bandra and on one such incident she is said to have broken down into tears and later escorted back home by her friend. The report on Mumbai Mirror stated, “Three years ago, Mehr, who had been working on saving her marriage, was reportedly so heartbroken that she moved in with her mother in the Dadar’s Parsi colony but returned home shortly afterwards following a reconciliation.

Around the same time, Arjun and Mehr began making public appearances at events once again, looking like the loved-up couple they were once known as. Friends in the know point out that both Arjun and Mehr tried to make the marriage last but couldn’t. In 2017, Mehr, who routinely visits Mount Mary church in Bandra, had to be escorted home by a family friend after a breakdown in the church. “Mehr had learnt that Arjun and Sussanne were still meeting secretly and were close friends. She was traumatised as she had believed Arjun when he said he was a changed man and that everything would be fine.”

Fast forward to 2018, the couple announced their split. Watch this space for more updates! Arjun Rampal- Mehr Jesia Split: Here’s All the Gossip Floating Around About the Separation

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