Arjun Kapoor's Special Connection

Arjun Kapoor's Special Connection

The 'Aurangzeb' hottie tells us about his equation with Parineeti, Priyanka and others
Arjun Kapoor's Special Connection
"Priyanka doesn't need to state that she is senior to us and she didn't!"

Arjun Kapoor is no longer known as the son of producer Boney Kapoor. He surprised one and all with his stupendous act in last year's Ishaqzaade. And if we believe the buzz that has been making the rounds, Arjun seems to have gotten even better in his second release Aurangzeb. Proving that he isn't all about looking good, Arjun seems to be choosing his films with care and selecting roles that give him ample scope to show off his talent. While Ishaqzaade saw him play a rough and tough character, in Aurangzeb he has upped the ante by enacting two diametrically opposite roles! Next year, Arjun will be seen in yet another rustic avatar – Gundaay – which, if the promos and hype are anything to go by, is a sure-shot winner at the box office.
Polite, down-to-earth and media-savvy, Arjun wins you over with his clarity of thought as he answers every question with refreshing honesty. Mark our words, this intense actor is sure to give the other reigning stars of the industry tough competition!
Do you think your double role in Aurangzeb will bring back the 90s trend?
It was actually in the 70s and 80s that double roles became famous. The 90s dealt more with double roles that were humorous in nature. Aurangzeb is grounded in reality and is a real take on double role aspect of films. I hope people enjoy the movie for both, its nostalgic value, as well as its fresh take on this genre of filmmaking.
We believe you share a special relationship with Rishi Kapoor. What
was working with him like?

I have grown up in front of Mr Rishi Kapoor; to him I'm Boney's son and Ranbir's friend. He's a professional and a fantastic actor. I felt like myself around him and discovered how good I can be with great actors around me. Can you tell us what it was like working with Sasheh? At the end of the day, we are all actors and beyond being a star kid, Sasheh is a good actress. It's always a great experience working with a newcomer. Since I was one in Ishqzaade, I decided to work with her in my second film.
What kind of relationship do you share with Sasheh off-screen?
We share a comfort level. I had met her at Yash Raj while she was auditioning, so I have known her quite well.
Were you nervous about the intimate scene you had together? How did you put her at ease?

I didn't need to put her at ease. She's a really smart girl and she had read the script so she knew what was required of her. One doesn't need to go out of the way to make somebody comfortable. Of course it is my duty to make sure she doesn't get uncomfortable. I made sure I gave her the respect that any woman deserves while doing an intimate scene. Shooting such scenes is a mechanical process. It wasn't really something she'd have had any problems with because she had read the script much earlier.
Has Salman Khan seen your film?

He hasn't seen the film yet but he did see the trailer and he said he loved it.
Gundaay has had enormous hype because of the alleged competition between Ranveer Singh and yourself. Do you have any comments?
I think any hype should be about the film, not about competition between Ranveer and myself. So when the time is right, closer to Gundaay, we can speak about it. It has been a pleasure working with Ranveer, Priyanka, Irfan and Ali, the director. I'm looking forward to being able to show the film to the world on February 14, 2014.
Apparently Ranveer and you couldn't see eye to eye because of Anushka Sharma. Was this awkward?

(Jokingly) At times we fight, at times we are happy; sometimes we argue and don't see eye- to-eye and at other times we are the best of friends. He then he sends me flowers! I think I'll give the media three or four months to finally decide if we like each other!
When we come out to promote the film, we'll clarify all the rumours surrounding us. Actually, I get along really well with him; it's just unfortunate that the media keeps speculating that we don't.
Apparently Priyanka Chopra bossed you around recently and said that all of you are her juniors. Ranveer Singh, according to reports, didn't take this very well. What about you?

It's not a new fact that Priyanka is senior to us and that we are new in the industry. She doesn't need to state it and she didn't! The rumours and speculation are very unfortunate.
I have known Priyanka before I became an actor and assisted on her film Salaam-e-Ishq. We have always gotten along well and she's exactly the same person she was back then. Unfortunately, since we haven't had a chance to clarify these rumours they have become stories for the media to write about.