Arjun Kapoor Recommends His Fans to Watch the HBO TV Show ‘Succession’

Arjun Kapoor Recommends His Fans to Watch the HBO TV Show ‘Succession’

Arjun Kapoor has started a series of recommending films, television shows and dramas to his fans and followers with the hashtag ‘#ArjunRecommends. In the first video, Arjun Kapoor has recommended people to watch HBO’s TV show ‘Succession.’

Arjun Kapoor has also joined the bandwagon of Alia Bhatt and Kartik Aaryan in realizing the importance of the digital media industry. He has started his own series of recommendations on his official Instagram. Arjun Kapoor has named this venture ‘#ArjunRecommends.’ Here he will be recommending his personal favorite TV shows, films and documentaries to his fans and followers. Coming from a film family, Arjun Kapoor has always had a keen interest in watching films. Through this series, Arjun Kapoor will share his views about various shows.

Arjun Kapoor shared the first video of the series #Arjun Recommends with the caption,

‘Hey guys! What’s life without a daily bit of binge watching ??? I think all of us enjoy discovering good shows/movies/documentaries... So, I’m going to try & recommend some of my favourites, hope that you like them too! My first recommendation is this brilliant show called Succession and it’s an absolute cracker... Here is my take on it...’

The video is interesting because Arjun Kapoor not only recommends ‘Succession’ but also reviews all aspects of its story and camera work to give his viewers a clear idea.

Arjun Kapoor’s recommended show ‘Succession’ is on HBO and the first season finished last year. It is the story of a dysfunctional of the global media empire. The father is unwell hence the quest of succession. According to Arjun Kapoor, although the story is based in New York, the emotion is relatable to everyone. Certain things in joint families are hidden under the surface although a lot is there. They pretend to be okay with each other publicly. Grandfather has played the patriarch of the family. He shows he doesn’t care but he actually cares. It feels like a fulfilled season but still gives you the longing to watch more.  Arjun Kapoor ended the video with an ethical message against piracy for his fans.


By Saadia Ahmed
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