Arianna Grande’s New Wax Figure Under Criticism by Fans!

Arianna Grande’s New Wax Figure Under Criticism by Fans!

Arianna Grande’s new wax statue was revealed and it came under fire by fans
Arianna Grande’s New Wax Figure Under Criticism by Fans!
Ariana Grande's wax figure

American singer, Arianna Grande’s fans have begged Madame Tussauds to melt her new wax figure. Earlier this month, the museum in London had announced that the 25-year old pop star’s life-sized wax figure would be displayed for five weeks. They even had a voting process on Instagram where fans were asked to choose between “Classic Ari”, “Princess Ari”, and “Sassy Ari” looks for the statue.

To unveil Arianna’s new statue, Madame Tussauds posted the following tweet along with a photo:

“You chose Classic Ari!  Now we have her style nailed, you can see @ArianaGrande at Madame Tussauds London for 5 weeks from Friday.”

Fans were really not happy when they saw the waxwork of the 7 Rings singer and immediately pointed out a lack of resemblance. Some even found the figure offensive. Here’s what the twitter conversation was like:

"I hate Ariana's new wax figure. Its not her face. She deserves more respect you know. She's the best pop female singer in the world and all you can do was this. Even older wax figures were a little bit better but this no way. They need to Create a new one beacuse this ain't it."

Nothing against the work, but ... that's really bad ...

“Do you think someone googled Ariana and got the SNL star instead without knowing it and used that as a template?!  The wax artist might be some (older?) person who’s not into modern pop culture and truly made a mistake."

“This Ariana Grande wax figure is actually offensive” Even Arianna herself did not seem too happy as she left a vague comment, "I just wanna talk”, on a photograph of the statue on Instagram.