Ariana Grande Sued for Copying 7 Rings

Ariana Grande Sued for Copying 7 Rings

Ariana Grande recently earned herself a Grammy nomination of her song, 7 Rings, which another singer has claimed to have been stolen from him

Ariana Grande is, undoubtedly, one of the most favourite artists in the world right now. One of her recent songs, 7 Rings was loved by many and also put the pop star on the no.1 spot at the Billboard Hott 100 charts. She also earned herself a Grammy nomination for the song, however, the artist seems to have landed herself in some trouble now. According to USA Today, Ariana has been filed with a lawsuit claiming that 7 Rings has been plagiarized.

Ariana has been sued for copyright infringement in a federal complaint filed in New by a hip-hop artist named Josh Stone. He claims that 7 Rings is a forgery, according to Billboard and People magazines’ reports. Josh, who performs under the stage name DOT, said that Ariana copied the hook from his 2017 song "You Need It, I Got It," alleging that forensic musicologists determined the songs are "identical or substantially similar." He explained it with an example saying, “Each hook contains twelve words, with 7 Rings drawing on nine identical words of I Got it. Which means, 7 Rings is the same as ‘I want it, I got it. I want it. I got it.’” As of now, Josh is asking the court for several actions, including declaratory judgment of copyright infringement, damages and profits attributable to the infringement and attorneys’ fees and other related costs.

In the suit that was filed against Ariana, Josh also claims that songwriter and producer Thomas Lee Brown, a co-defendant who has worked with Ariana on all five of her studio albums, attended meetings with Josh in June 2017, where You Need I Got It was played. Moreover, apart from Thomas, Ariana has 12 other co-defendants, which include both, individuals as well as companies. USA Today has reached out to Ariana for a comment but haven’t heard back from their representative yet.

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