Ariana Grande Changed Her Hairstyle and Fans Have Lost Their Cool
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Ariana Grande Changed Her Hairstyle and Fans Have Lost Their Cool

Ariana Grande, the 25-year-old American singer’s signature hairstyle, has a separate fan base of its own

Recognised for her powerful voice and signature hairstyle, global pop sensation Ariana Grande has an entire fanbase for her hair. Thousands of women have been inspired by her hairstyle and have even tried copying it. But in a recent move, Ariana ditched the iconic high ponytail for a recent concert and people are freaking out over the change.

It was back in 2014 that she revealed why she made the high ponytail her signature look. Apparently, the ends of her hair were so bad five years ago that she didn't have the confidence to step out without a ponytail hair extension and that’s how people began associating her with that style. Recently, Ariana arrived in Chicago for her Sweetener/Thank U, Next tour with her hair down, and Twitter went into a frenzy.

“This hair is EVERYTHING!!,” one Instagram user said. Another person tagged her friend, saying, “Her hair down! LOVE!!, while another user said “Omg look this hair.” 

After posting a picture with her new hairstyle, Twitter and Instagram were filled with memes and reactions to her new hair. While most fans were loving her new hair, there were a few who didn’t quite take a liking to her new look. 

At one point during the concert, the singer amused her fans who were flipping out about her new hairstyle and quoted one of her popular songs, “Do you like my hair? Gee thanks just bought it!” Ariana has always been associated with her ponytail but has also explained in the past that the slicked back tight ponytail is actually quite painful. That could possibly be the reason she put her hair down? 

Ariana has always been associated with her ponytail, so twitter was flooded with memes and reactions of her new hair. Ariana has however explained it before that the tight, high ponytail is very painful. Maybe that was her reason to literally put her hair down.

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