Are You Exercising Your Face?

Are You Exercising Your Face?

We speak to Dubai-based experts to talk us through facial exercise regimes, that help lift, firm, tone and reduce signs of aging in minutes!

The burgeoning health and fitness landscape of the region has us all signing up for reformer Pilates and cardio blasting Zumba memberships that twist and tighten muscles we didn’t know existed in our body. But what about the 57 muscles that make up our most important asset— the face? Although facial workout regimes aren’t a new concept, they do however, seem grossly ignored in day to day life which may result in early signs of aging, sagging jawline, eye bags and even deposition of facial fat (yes, I said it). We speak to holistic fitness trainer Julie Rammal and yoga and fitness experts to educate us on the whys, whats and hows of facial exercises.T

Why is it so important to work the facial muscles?
Here are top reasons why you should work your face, according to experts: 
It’s free of cost and reaps results we expect from cosmetic treatments and over-the-counter beauty products! All you need is a few minutes a day, to reveal chiselled bone structure and higher collagen production under the epidermis. It is also a plus to skip toxic chemicals and botox and opt for all natural ways to better your skin. 
It helps in reducing signs of premature aging. We tend to accumulate wrinkles as we smile or frown; but specific poses which require blood circulation to reduce fine lines, can eventually leads to a more flawless face with regular practice.  It releases tension. The incredible amount of stress we tend to carry in our neck and face can melt away as you alleviate tightness from those muscles. It is also known to provide relief from chronic neck pain.
Say goodbye to double chins. This goes hand in hand with toning, but with more focus on the neck, which can sag with aging.
Boosts confidence. The sharper your features, the better you feel about yourself, no?
What is a runners’ face and how to fight it?
Even though there is no doubt that running is the best carb-blasting exercise to melt away body fat, marathon runners and enthusiasts have often complained about the appearance of a “runner’s face”. The scaring-sounding concept is essentially, a sagging face caused by all the bouncing while you run. Runners are usually worried about the premature-aging from burning excess fat beneath the skin. To avoid this, Julie suggests a lifestyle reboot which will lead to a happier looking young face. She says, “To get radiant skin, begin by avoiding exposure to the sun as UV damaged cells will eventually reach  your skin’s surface leaving freckles, hyperpigmentation and more. Secondly, say good-bye to stress as stress causes premature aging, dullness, and weariness. Thirdly, wash your face daily with cold water to improve blood circulation and nerve function. Lastly, remain positive and seek happy thoughts or look to meditation to eliminate negativity which will only add stress to your body and add dullness.”
Julie Rammal, the founder of JSport is a champion of holistic fitness, shares her top moves for at-home facial yoga and stretching exercises for younger looking toned skin.
Gently massage the outside edge of your eyes with your fingertips in order to release eye tension and improve circulation. Perform one set for 1-2minutes daily. Place cold slices of cucumber over both eyes to end the exercise.
Inhale and close your eyes while puffing up your cheeks and slowly exhale. Feel the cheek stretch and to advancement hold the stretch for a few more seconds, repeat 10 reps daily.
Smile widely without wrinkling other facial muscles. Quickly revert to a pout expression and repeat 20 times. This exercise relaxes the muscles around the lips and cheeks while brightening up your facial tone.
Gently hold your ear lobes and pull them downwards for around 30 seconds followed by gently pulling your ears outward. This exercise will help remove facial tension by releasing facial muscles that connect near the 
ear area.
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