Are Prabhas and Anushka Shetty in Love? A Quora User Lists the Signs That They Are
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Are Prabhas and Anushka Shetty in Love? A Quora User Lists the Signs That They Are

A user on Quora, the knowledge sharing platform on the internet, has argued why Prabhas and Anushka Shetty may be the ‘made for each other’ couple

In Tollywood, if the strong speculation is true, it might be the biggest love story of recent times. Fans are going berserk about the Prabhas-Anushka Shetty love story. Though the stars themselves have always laughed off the rumours, diligent fans are not giving up! A Quora user  has meticulously listed the instances together that, according to his logic, are unmistakable signs that the two are in love. Quora is a platform to gain and share knowledge, a space on the internet to ask questions and connect with people who contribute with unique insights and quality answers. Read and see if you agree with him!

  • Recently, Anushka Shetty uncharacteristically posted a photo of Prabhas with her family, with three love-in-the-eye emojis as the caption on her official Instagram account.
  • Prabhas looked pretty close to her family in that photo. Also there is a photo of Anushka hugging Prabhas' uncle Krishnam Raju affectionately.
  • Going by how they appear in interviews, they definitely don't seem to be 'just friends' and have grown quite close during the five year shoot for Baahubali.
  • Both of them are very reserved. They may like each other but are definitely not going to reveal it to the media until they feel it is the right time to do so.
  • Incidentally, Anushka who acts in several Tamil and Telugu films, has not signed any other film after Bhagmati (which she apparently did at Prabhas' instance) and Prabhas too hasn't signed any film for his Bollywood debut yet and his calendar for next year is relatively free.
  • One of Prabhas’ late father's friends recently while congratulating him, said how he and his mother wanted to see him settle down this year. Similarly so do Anushka's parents.
  • Rana Daggubatti, a common friend, too skilfully skirted the topic when quizzed about their supposed love affair instead of denying it outright. Note that Prabhas calls Rana his best friend and Anushka has also termed him as her brother numerous times and if anyone would know about the real status of the friendship, it’s him.
  • Rumours and sensational news apart, If anyone thinks they are just ‘great friends', go watch their promotional interviews and photos together. I am a north Indian and don't understand Telugu but I could sense something deeper seeing their body languages​. If you have ever been in love​, trust me you too can make that out! There is a reason 'Pranushka' fan base has increased exponentially after Baahubali 2 and it’s no surprise, considering their crackling chemistry both on and off screen.
  • The decision is firmly theirs though they have dropped several subtle unintended hints, which have been eagerly lapped up by their very excited fans.
  • A number of fans have compared their on screen chemistry to that of Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol. But that would be wrong because these stars are far more shy and private individuals. At various times they also pointed out how important their families' wishes are before taking the big decision.

Look at their chemistry during an interview after Bahubali2.

Well at this stage, we don't know what’s cooking, but one thing is sure they make one of the best on-screen and off-screen jodis ever in Tollywood and if they do marry, well their fan clubs who are so anxiously waiting for this moment are sure to go berserk with happiness. But again it’s their personal choice. As for their fans, well they would definitely love to see Mrs. and Mr. Baahubali appear so in real life too.

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