Arbaaz-Malaika's 'Friend' Reveals Details About Their Trial Separation

Arbaaz-Malaika's 'Friend' Reveals Details About Their Trial Separation

Here are more details of the couple's separation, which was made official recently

Power couple Malaika Arora Khan and Arbaaz Khan who were rumoured to be having trouble in their 18-year-old marriage, recently issued a joint statement announcing their separation and putting all the rumours and speculations to rest. The couple have asked for privacy, saying that they will speak when they are ready and until that time they wish to be left alone. In the statement they insisted that it was people claiming to be their 'friends' who were speaking to the media and spreading false rumours about the reasons for the split. They said, "people claiming to be our friends and sources have been speaking on our behalf, giving out wrong, malicious information".

However, a recent report in Mumbai Mirror, one of these 'friends' has thrown further light on how things stand between the couple as of now. 

As per the friend, Arbaaz is persona non grata in Malaika's circle and has been categorically told to stay away from all her social gatherings. In fact, the friend informed that it is Arbaaz who has, on his own, released the above-mentioned statement and that Malaika has no intention of salvaging her 18-year-old marriage. 

"Malaika's sister, Amrita (Arora Ladak) is also furious over Arbaaz's insistent efforts to reconcile with her sister, despite her repeatedly making it clear that Malaika no longer wants to be a part of the Khan family," the 'friend' informed Mirror. "This statement is only to try and salvage his tarnished reputation. There is too much pressure on him from his family to separate with dignity." 

The statement informed that the couple is not filing for divorce yet and the two are only on a break. However, contrary to the statement, it was reported that Malaika has been consulting with divorce lawyer Vandana Shah for the past month. Her brother-in-law, Salman Khan has asked the couple to work out their differences amicably and not make a public spectacle of it. 

"But now, on patriarch Salim Khan's instructions, Salman too has decided to stay out of the matter. On the insistence of both their families, Malaika and Arbaaz are now taking six months out and will decide whether to file for divorce by the year-end. This is the waiting period," the 'friend' says in the report.