Arbaaz Khan Opens Up About His Divorce With Ex-Wife Malaika Arora

Arbaaz Khan Opens Up About His Divorce With Ex-Wife Malaika Arora

There's so much to learn from this duo!
Arbaaz Khan Opens Up About His Divorce With Ex-Wife Malaika Arora

If B-town give us glimses of ugly battles between ex’s, it also has some heart-warming examples to look up to. Here we’re talking about those couples who split after many years of being married, and still continue to give us reasons to ‘aww’ about.

A few such couples who come to mind are Hrithik Roshan- Sussanne Khan and Arbaaz Khan- Malaika Arora. Even though the latter split after many years of being blissfully married, Arbaaz and Malaika still managed to remain in great terms, surprising the paparazzi with the amount of times they’re spotted together.  

Everyone was shocked when news first broke of their split, with many questioning the reasons. While Malaika has previously come forward speaking openly about their situation, Arbaaz chose to remain mum, until now. In an interview with Indian Express, the eldest Khan spoke of how the separation has affected their 14-year old son, Arhaan. He said, “I look at my scenario as my personal scenario. I have a 14-year-old boy right now who, unfortunately, has seen his parents split for whatever reason. He needs the right guidance and the right attention for which if I have to maintain a certain amount of decorum in my family then it will be done. I have a very good relationship with Malaika, and her family and it will continue to remain that way and my son is my priority and I would do anything to see that situation is maintained, apart from that there is nothing else to ask."

Malaika had similar thoughts while speaking about her relationship with Arbaaz. The actress stated how they’ll always remain friends and co-parent their son. Talking about the importance of Arbaaz in her life, she said, “Arbaaz is a part of my family, the father of my child. Certain equations don't change overnight. The things that happened should remain between us. It's personal. We don't have to prove anything to anybody. [Meeting Arbaaz] makes my son happy, and that makes me happy. Come on! For Amu [sister Amrita Arora Ladak], he's like a brother, and he is a son to my parents. What happened is between us.”

We absolutely adore how the ex-couple put all the bitterness aside, remaining on great terms with each other. We hope we get to spot more of this duo together!