Arab Makeup Tutorial For Desis!
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Arab Makeup Tutorial For Desis!

Arab makeup is really popular. Our digital editor Mahwash Ajaz tries the look for our desi faces!

Arab makeup is super cool and while it looks really dramatic, it’s really easy to apply. I’ve always seen Arab women dressed up in a super confident, dramatic way and they never shy away from it. It’s really inspiring. Whether they’re wearing abayas or skirts, they’ve got a classic vibe and their make-up reflects that too.

Dramatic Eyes!

It’s all in the eyes. The dark, dramatic eyeliner (they even go for colors that pop out big time, which is really cool to see too), the kajal/kohl or the sharp edges towards the end of the eyes is a prominent feature. If you want to go darker, you can always play with darker eyeshadows (which I’ve done in the video shared below. Scroll!)

Nude/matte lips!

Classic look ftw, am I right? The nude/peachy lips are always a win with dramatic eyes and the Arab style is very reflective of that. You can also pair your dramatic eyes with shiny red lip colors but the nude is a classic way to go about it. It definitely works for the daily look as well, the shiny reds are a bit harder to manage.

Highlighter on fleek!

Okay so this is every make up tutorial ever. Highligher HAS to be on fleek! I’ve used Inglot’s Freedom System Palette that really pops out. I also love their boxed highlighters sold separately and if you REALLY wanna shine, you can definitely check those out.

Brow Gel, Key to the Look!

Those perfectly shaped brows aren’t magic. They’re effort! And it pays off when you have the right brush. Inglot’s brush and pot brow gel can help you get that look.

Do you have a way to create the perfect Asian-Arab fusion look? Send us your pictures at and get featured online! Check out the full video below and let us know what you think!

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