A.R. Rahman slams the stigma surrounding musicians: They are always shown dead at the end on the big screen
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A.R. Rahman slams the stigma surrounding musicians: They are always shown dead at the end on the big screen

A.R. Rahman cited examples of A Star is Born and other films that depict singers committing suicide. He aims to change this through his upcoming project 99 Songs!

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">A.R. Rahman is not vocal about every issue that plagues the music industry but when he does speak up, it means he is really trying to get his point across in a way that his message remains etched in the mind of readers. The ace singer feels there are a lot of taboos attached to singers in today’s time. Similarly, he believes the social stigmas surrounding musicians are often reflected on the big screen. While attending the Busan International Film Festival alongside the team of 99 Songs, Rahman said, "It’s like a fairy tale, where a guy has to write a 100 songs to win the girl, but it’s not that simple. We have all the social stigmas like musicians are always drunk and dead at the end.”

Rahman continued, "If you look at most of the iconic movies, they are all losers, like it is shown in A Star Is Born, or they commit suicide. Why is that stigma being reflected in the movies? Why can’t we make something about a success story? Not just success story but also the internal war which a creative person faces.”

Rahman performed live to the music of 99 Songs at the festival. While Rahman has worked with the best of the best in the industry, he preferred debut director Krishnamoorthy to helm the project. Speaking about it, he said, “I know that if I worked with anybody like that then I'll be intimidated to tell them any of my ideas. I wanted somebody who is like a friend, who is also a musician. We found Vishwesh and we shared the same vision," he stated. Rahman explained it took a year to finish the script and while writing it was not a tough task, producing the project was no easy feat. "To write was the easiest, to produce was difficult," he mentioned. The music composer is heading back to Hollywood with the Netflix drama Pashmina.

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