Apurva Asrani Indirectly Hits Back at Kangana Ranaut in an Open Letter
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Apurva Asrani Indirectly Hits Back at Kangana Ranaut in an Open Letter

Here's what he had to say!

Among one of the many issues of the past that Kangana addressed in her explosive interviews, she also re-touched on the topic of her feud with write Apurva Asrani, over writing credits for Simran.

Kangana blamed him (again), for using the controversy to gain popularity, saying that many more people recognise him now than before. In her recent interview with film critic Anupama Chopra, Kangana said, “I really pushed this angle of Simran being a woman who really enjoys having sex. I felt it was important for our nation to come to terms (with the fact that) women want to have sex. This is something I forced into the script. (Simran) doesn’t have shame in picking up boys, she’s single, she’s divorced, she’s dated many men, and she takes great pride in that.”

Further speaking about her fall-out with the write, she said, “First of all I want to make it clear that there are no dues pending. Somehow people make it look like Apurva has not be given his credit, which is not true. We made the contract exactly the way he wanted it to be. In fact, Apurva is the one who suggested me to take additional credit for dialogue writing. So we made the contract that way.”

In response to Kangana, Apurva wrote a heart-felt letter, penning his thoughts on the current outburst! Here’s what he had to say:

“I'm frigging tired of this wave of pseudo-feminism that has swept our timelines and I want to call it out once & for all. Because women who transgress the limits of decency & fair play by saying 'men did it, so why can't we?' only compound the problem. As a gay man, I have suffered patriarchy all my life. But today, I also suffer the pseudo feminists, who cheer gleefully when a woman commits a crime.

The others, like public watching a matador and a raging bull, don't care about right or wrong, they only applaud when they see blood. We have become a society that celebrates a woman for being a 'rule breaker', but shames a man for the same. You forget that this breaking of rules, irrespective of gender, has a far deeper effect. It tramples on the lives of innocent people--those that you carelessly write off as collateral damage. I'm not ok with that.

I have seen many prolific women journalists celebrate these so called 'rule breakers' and I want to ask them this question, 'are you investigating thoroughly? Are you asking the difficult questions?? Or are you cutting someone slack because she's also a woman?

Because she is ready to do battle where you can't, will you turn a blind eye when she actually could be wrong?? Shouldn't you be holding both sexes equally accountable??' I'm not ok with women settling scores with men by falsely claiming they molested them. I'm not ok with women who can't handle being broken up with and then manipulate the world to shame the man.

And lastly, I'm not ok with film makers getting bullied and writers getting f***** over just because you are an outspoken woman. Injustice is injustice. Period.”

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