Apple announces its new iOS 14 at Worldwide Developer Conference

Apple announces its new iOS 14 at Worldwide Developer Conference

Here’s what you need to know about the newest iPhone update

Apple unveiled the functions of iOS 14 at its annual Worldwide Developer Conference on Monday. The five-day conference, which usually takes place in California is being streamed exclusively online this year. Kicking off with the reveal of the new iPhone software, it is also expected to that the next versions of iOS, watchOS, tvOS and macOS will be revealed later in the week.

Members of the Apple Developer Program will be able to download a preview of iOS 14 from today. While the general release to the public will be available (for iPhone 6s and later) to download next month. Here’s what’s new:

The Home Screen

Receiving a noticeable design update, the apps have sleek looking widgets that can be pinned in different sizes on the screen. The new App Library makes finding what you want easier – ideal for those of us who are app-happy when it comes to downloading new things. The library automatically organises the icons into categories, intelligently selecting the ones that might be helpful in the moment to appear first for example ‘recently added’.

There will be new multitasking possibilities with the picture to picture feature which allows you to watch a YouTube Video or make a Zoom call whilst using another app. A long awaited feature means it will finally be possible to ignore a call while still using your phone.

Staying connected becomes easier with the ability to pin conversations to the top of your messages list. Keep family chats and lively group conversations at the top of the screen so and with easy in-line replies you’ll never miss a message. There are new Memoji options to be even more inclusive and diverse with additional hairstyles, head wear, face coverings, and more.

App Clips
Making life more seamless, App Clips is a small part of an app that pops up on the lock screen the moment it is needed. They are usually associated with business, such as renting a bike or paying a parking meter. By simply scanning the QR codes the app will appear on your screen for ease of use.

There are greener ways to explore with new cycling directions and electric vehicle routes based on current vehicle charge capability. Guides within Maps provided curated lists of interesting places to visit in the city, making it easier to find popular attractions as well as the hottest new restaurants.

All apps will be required to obtain permission before tracking. A further development planned for later in the year, will show an app’s privacy practices (including the app’s use of the microphone and camera) in the App Store before you download.

Translate is a new app that allows you to translate both voice and text into 11 different languages. Great for travel – there’s an option to use the app offline for voice and text translation on the go.

Coming soon: Digital car keys
It was announced that IOS 13 and IOS 14 users will be able to unlock future car models (at the moment it’s just the BMW 5 Series) without removing the iPhone from your pocket. One less thing to remember, you’ll be able to use your iPhone or Apple Watch to both unlock and start the car. The ‘keys’ can be easily shared using messages or disabled through iCloud if a device is lost.

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