Anupam Kher Shares Inspiring Video on His Life’s Philosophy
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Anupam Kher Shares Inspiring Video on His Life’s Philosophy

Anupam Kher has his hands full currently with his upcoming TV show and the release of his autobiography this month. He imparts some words of wisdom in a recent video on Instagram

All veteran actors have a special journey and a story to tell. A story about their success, a story about their struggles and a story about how they came to be the person they are today. From sports personalities, to Hollywood superstars and Bollywood megastars, they all have a story to tell and many have done so by publishing autobiographies. One such celebrity to do so, is veteran actor Anupam Kher. His autobiography is titled Lessons Life Taught me, Unknowingly. There has been much talk about his book and it has also made headlines as of late. Now, the actor has shared a message from the book and spoke about the thoughts which have brought him where he is today.

The veteran actor took to his Instagram account recently, where he shared a video of himself encouraging people to do what he did. He started the video by talking about how he grew up in a small house with big dreams. He further went on to add that his basic philosophy was to not repeat what others had done but instead try what they had not. Towards the end of the video, Anupam Kher states that he is unique and one of a kind. To conclude the video, he tells audiences that they are unique as well and should think about the message in his video. You can watch the video here:

How inspiring! Anupam Kher is currently in New York, where he is busy shooting for his upcoming American medical drama television series titled New Amsterdam. He has been a part of the show's primary cast since its inception in 2018 and is currently shooting for the second season of the show which is set to premiere in September. Anupam Kher’s autobiography is all set to release on August 5!

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