Another take on Mahabharat
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Another take on Mahabharat

Prakash Jha plans to mix politics and mythology

For his next film, Rajniti, Prakash Jha plans to blend contemporary Indian politics with chapters from the Mahabharat.

The director has collected a formidable cast of actors such as Ajay Devgan, who will play a modern-day Karna, and Nana Patekar, who has been cast as Krishna.

Vivek Oberoi and Manoj Bajpai will also play pivotal roles. Jha says that though he has not worked with them before, he is looking forward to directing them. Devgan and Patekar are old friends with whom he shares a fantastic comfort level, he adds.

Jha has yet to cast anyone in the role of Arjun, though he has zeroed in on an upcoming actor. The character, as conceived by the director, modernises the mythological elements from the Mahabharat to include elements from Rajiv Gandhi's life.

Some three decades ago, Shyam Benegal incorporated elements from the Mahabharat into entrepreneurship in his classic, Kalyug. Now Jha will blend mythology with politics.

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