Another Actor Distances Himself from 'Manikarnika'

The actor faces family tragedy, distances himself from Manikarnika
Another Actor Distances Himself from 'Manikarnika'
Kangana Ranaut and Danny Dezongpa

Controversial stories surrounding Kangana Ranaut’s Manikarnika, the Queen of Jhansi, haven’t stopped pouring in, it seems. Earlier director Krish and actress Mishti Chakraborty gave explosive interviews to Bollywood Hungama where they vented out about the various misfortunes in their experiences of working with Queen Kangana Ranaut. Another actor, of late, has had his own set of grievances with Manikarnika and it is none other than Danny Denzongpa, who had a crucial role in the biopic.

According to one of Danny’s co-actors, Danny Denzongpa is grieving the loss of some close family members and is attending ‘the formalities’. The last thing he needs, says the co-actor, is to worry about the length of the role he performed in Manikarnika. The co-actor also revealed that Danny Denzongpa hasn’t even seen Manikarnika and ‘nor does he want to’.

‘The experience of shooting with a substitute director [Kangana Ranaut] after the original’s (Krish) departure was unpleasant,’ says the co-actor.

Danny Denzongpa confirmed the bereavement in the family saying, “My two elder brothers passed away within a week of each other and my family is in a state of shock.” Denzongpa is a Buddhist and his family has been visiting different monasteries in remote places for the forty-nine days of prayers according to their beliefs.

We are very sorry for Danny’s loss and wish him and his family peace. Manikarnika has been one film mired in controversy and we feel this isn’t the last of the various complaints that have come for the film.