Ananya Pandey Reveals She Wanted To Do Alia Bhatt’s Role In Gully Boy But Realised Why She Would Not Be Able To Ace It!
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Ananya Pandey Reveals She Wanted To Do Alia Bhatt’s Role In Gully Boy But Realised Why She Would Not Be Able To Ace It!

Ananya Pandey disclosed that Alia Bhatt’s character would be hard for her because she can’t cry on the screen. She recalled SRK’s advice to her and B-town’s inspiration from the West.

It has not taken too long for young actors – who have just started off in showbiz – to share their two cents on how the Indian film industry can improve in more ways than one. From Ananya Panday to Janhvi Kapoor, up-and-coming starlets have been vocal about the issues that plague Bollywood. And now, the two hold the same opinion on something that has been a topic of discussion in B-town for the longest time: looking to the West for inspiration. Both Janhvi and Ananya feel that it is important for filmmakers to explore stories and talent in India instead of being in awe of Hollywood and trying to replicate it. Ananya then spilled the beans on the one role she would have loved to do!

"We need to stop imitating the West and looking there for inspiration. We have so many great stories to tell and such great talent to tell it," Ananya said. The actor, who made her Bollywood debut earlier this year with Student Of The Year 2, was interacting with the media at the Jio MAMI Movie Mela with Star.

Besides the bestie duo of Janhvi and Ananya, actors Mrunal Thakur, Radhika Madan and Avinash Tiwary were also in attendance. Ananya revealed that she loves the fact that acting allows her to be herself. "I just feel very comfortable doing what I do. I love that I’m able to be myself," she said. And then came a shocking revelation! Ananya wanted to do Alia Bhatt's role in Gully Boy but confessed she realised it was not made for her because she finds crying on the screen very hard. "I used to try and imagine someone I know dying, but it didn’t really help. Shah Rukh Khan then advised me to not imagine someone’s death, but to imagine my life without that person. That made a big difference. It worked," she stated. However, she does feel that if something is meant to come one’s way, nothing can stop it. "So what if I didn't get a role; a better person got it. I don’t let it get me down; I move on," she concluded.

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