Anand Kumar, On Whom Super 30 is Based, Honours His Brother

Anand Kumar, On Whom Super 30 is Based, Honours His Brother

Anand Kumar’s brother has played an important part in his success and the movie honours that fact
Anand Kumar, On Whom Super 30 is Based, Honours His Brother
Anand Kumar and Hrithik Roshan in Super 30

When the  M S Dhoni bio-pic  directed  by Neeraj Pandey made no mention of Dhoni’s brother Narendra it was said  that his  monstrous  omission  was  done at Dhoni’s behest. More recently the Sanjay Dutt  bio-pic Sanju obliterated  his eldest daughter Trishala’s mention.

However mathematician  Anand Kumar’s  bio-pic is dedicated  as much to Anand as his  brother Pranav, played in  the  film by television star Nandish Singh who was chosen  partly because of his resemblance to Hrithik Roshan.

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Says Anand, “My brother is my pillar of strength. More than my own portrayal, I was concerned about how my brother Pranav would be  portrayed. I wanted to make sure he was  given ample footage and I  kept  expressing my anxieties  over this  issue  to the writer Sanjeev Dutta and director  Vikas Bahl.”

Anand says he is pleased with how his relationship with his brother is portrayed. “I want every Indian who dreams of doing something special in his life to know that your dream cannot be realized without the  love and support of  a near and dear one. My  parents and specially my brother  made me realize my dream.”

Now that Super 30 is a super-hit, Anand is elated. “The message of education for all is going far and wide and much  deeper that  I had imagined. It is all because of Hrithik Roshanji. If he  didn’t play my part  who would have come to see the film? Now those who don’t know me personally want to  meet me. They will be  very  disappointed. I don’t look anything like Hrithik Roshanji.”

Super 30 has amassed Rs 116 crores  in  two weeks and has  obtained  exemption from tax exemption in  Bihar, Rajasthan, Delhi, Gujarat  and Uttar Pradesh.

Says Anand thankfully,  “The film is blessed. All the  children whom I have  had the privilege of  teaching and their parents  have showered  their  best wishes.

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