Anaa's Episode 16 is All About Muddled Love

Anaa's Episode 16 is All About Muddled Love

Anaa's episode 16 is all about love's muddled ways
Anaa's Episode 16 is All About Muddled Love
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Anaa isn’t necessarily the number one show, but it does have a certain quality about it that keeps the viewer hooked. What is particularly fascinating about Anaa as a show is the incredibly complicated web of relationships that are presented – some more complicated than others.

If you have not been keeping up, Anaa focuses on one family that has split into two warring segments.  The story connects generations and speaks of past tragedies.  Two siblings sought to get their children married – however Nazia (the female half of that pairing) fell in love with someone else and eloped.  As a result, Waleed (Nazia’s once to-be husband) committed suicide.  After this tragedy, the family disowned Nazia and she remained out of sight for years.  Nazia’s return to the family serves as the catalyst for the story and, as a result of her return, many relationships are thrown for a loop – but most specifically, Areesh (Shehzad Sheikh) and Daneen’s (Hania Amir) engagement is called off.

In episode 16, the web of lies and betrayal is rife.  Areesh now seems to be playing an odd game, most simply put in terms of the quote “having his cake and eating it too.”  On one end, Areesh is visibly being drawn to his wife, Anya, and seems to be making attempts to mend their relationship.  However, on the other end, he continues to meet with Daneen and profess his love for her.  The meetings have become more regular at this point and he has phone conversations with her directly in front of his wife.  This brazen behavior of Areesh is what has made him highly unlikable as a character – of course, coupled with the fact that he tried to murder Daneen’s husband in the last episode.  Up until recently, Daneen has played a safe game.  She has been pro-Anya, trying to steer Areesh back towards Anya and has been immersing herself into her married life.  However, the last few episodes have painted an entirely different picture.  Daneen has openly distanced herself from her husband and their relationship seems nothing short of rocky.  Meanwhile, her excursions to meet Areesh have become more and more frequent.  Honestly, the intentions of Areesh and Daneen at this conjecture are questionable and highly immoral – and maybe that’s what makes these two the most fascinating characters on the show at present.

Our other beloved couple, Altamash (Usman Mukhtar) and Izza (Naimal Khawar Khan), have unfortunately showed little progression in their relationship since the start of the show.  Altamash and Izza served as a refreshing love story, unusual and full of chemistry.  However, the story never quite seemed to take off.  Befriending each other (sort of) in episode 3, we are now at episode 16 and Izza openly declares that there’s no room in her life for Altamash, while Altamash openly pursues Izza without actually admitting to it.  The love story has gotten lost somewhere in a messy storyline, including random, unnecessary side characters like Izza’s cousin and Areesh’s sister.  Hopefully this story will pick up pace soon and recapture the interest of the audience.  Usman and Naimal’s chemistry is too great to underutilize it.

What keeps Anaa interesting is that there’s no real way to predict the future of the show.  What is the future of Areesh and Daneen’s relationship?  While it’s wrong, characters like Anya do not deserve sympathy when they scheme to get what they want and go in with open eyes.  Even Altamash was against Anya’s decision.  This makes it difficult to support Areesh and Anya’s marriage entirely.  When will Izza realize she has feelings for Altamash?  This story will need more work and attention.  I’m curious to see how it will shape up.

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