Anaa, Episode 25: Daneen Finds Herself At a Crossroad

Anaa, Episode 25: Daneen Finds Herself At a Crossroad

In Hania Amir’s Anaa, Daneen finds herself in a bad place when she is caught and set to be returned to Saif
Anaa, Episode 25:  Daneen Finds Herself At a Crossroad
Hania Aamir and Shehzad Sheikh in Anaa

Anaa continues to be a show that inspires intrigue and interest that keeps the viewer hooked each week.  With the storyline becoming more complex and convoluted each week, the audience is left wondering how this story could possibly wrap up neatly. With each week, the story introduces new angles and sides of characters, adding to the complexity of the situations.  What really sets Anaa apart from other shows are the performances of the ensemble cast.  Whether the older generation, such as Raju Jamil, Tara Mehmood, Seemi Raheel or Shamil Khan, or the younger cast, including Hania Amir, Usman Mukhtar, Shehzad Sheikh or Naimal Khawar, the entire cast joins together to create a dysfunctional family system where the characters and their energies bounce off one another to give power-packed performances. 

In episode 25, Saif (Alamdar Khan) continues his search for Daneen (Hania Amir), visiting Ghazanfar (Shamil Khan) for information. On the other end, Daneen and Areesh (Shehzad Sheikh) work on their preparations to leave with Anya’s (Areeba Shahood) help. Anya and Daneen continue to verbally taunt each other. Daneen is now terribly annoyed of Areesh and Anya’s relationship.  This aspect of the story is realistic, considering the way Anya wiggled her way into Areesh’s life and while Anya is his wife, Daneen does not approve of their relationship considering all she has suffered through to be with him.  The rift between Daneen and Areesh continues to widen as Areesh discusses his desire to see his child and his regret for how he has treated Anya throughout her pregnancy.  Daneen feels the distance between them as she sees his desire to remain in Pakistan for the sake of his baby – and wife. 

Kabir (Muqeet Khan) apologizes to Izza (Naimal Khawar) for his hand in how Azam (Farhan Ali Agha) mistrusted her.  Kabir used his words in jealousy to manipulate her father against her relationship with Altamash (Usman Mukhtar) and Izza is unable to forgive him for this – and rightly so. Izza cannot fathom how he could have overstepped his position in her life to such an extent to create a rift in her relationship with her father – especially since she has not done anything objectionable.  Izza firmly tells Kabir to stay out of her life and that she has not given him any place in her life that would give him the right to behave as such. And yet, Kabir continues to instigate Azam into believing Izza is doing something wrong with Altamash, showing his own interest in marrying Izza.

Shortly after, Altamash makes a phone call to Izza, checking in on her and telling her to tell Azam the truth if he asks about why she was at his house, as he does not want anyone to talk about her.Izza smiles through this exchange, happy to hear the concern and care in Altamash’s voice.The two have a work lunch together, sharing a light moment, Izza realizing that she does, in fact, have feelings for Altamash.Unfortunately, Kabir’s villainous behavior has started to have an effect on Azam and he tells Izza that she will marry Kabir – to which she kindly, but firmly refuses, upsetting her father. 

Daneen visits the hospital with Anya and is kidnapped by Ghazanfar and Nashwa.The duo threaten to send Daneen back to Saif and she pleads with them to let her go, stating that she will never see Areesh again, but she does not want to go back to Saif.  Ghazanfar tells Daneen that Areesh will always choose Shamsher Nagar over her, the same as he did the first time and that even now, Areesh will choose his family over her. 

Judging by the preview for the next episode, the stakes are about to go rise when Daneen jumps off the balcony to escape her fate – a return to Saif.This will make the story interesting regarding whether Areesh will choose Daneen, a woman who sacrificed everything to be with him, or Anya, a woman who manipulated to be with him and continues to manipulate him in the company of his sister – even if it’s with sweetness. Anaa’s strength continues to lie in the emotions of the show, each character with depth and their own set of moral and ethical values, each right in their own way though their way may be different than that of the next person.Complex human relationships and the blurred lines between right and wrong are what make Anaa a captivating show and continues to hold view.

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