Anaa, Episode 21: Slowly Inching Towards A Blowout

Anaa, Episode 21: Slowly Inching Towards A Blowout

While “Anaa” continues to move at a snail's pace, events are slowly culminating into eventual chaos
Anaa, Episode 21: Slowly Inching Towards A Blowout

Recent episodes of Anaa have been touching upon interesting themes.  Infidelity is “wrong” and inherently, individuals recognize infidelity to be negative. However, is that moral compass one carries compromised when dealing with intense feelings of love?  Can one justify cheating under circumstances that force lovers apart – and is there a guarantee that the ending will be happier the second time around?  Anaa poses a difficult question regarding this topic, a question made even more complicated when dealing with such complex characters, some tethering on untrustworthy.  Anaa also currently focuses on rape and the aftermath – not of the actual incident, but rather when others discover the secret.  Victim blaming is highlighted aggressively in the last few episodes.  A question is left in the air:  Is a woman required to inform others of a violation that occurred?  And if yes, why? 

In episode 21, the show continues to move at a natural, slightly slow pace.  The fallout regarding Anya’s (Areeba Shahood) rape continues and Anya is seen thinking over the past and how Altamash (Usman Mukhar) protected her when he discovered how she had been taken advantage of.  After Nashwa (Javeria Kamran) continues to throw hurtful, harmful and almost sadistic taunts her way regarding Anya’s rape, clearly victim-blaming, Anya mentally decides to keep Altamash away from Nashwa and this family.  Over the phone, she hides the events in Shamshernagar, tells Altamash to enjoy his time away and tells him that he should marry a girl that makes him happy.  Areesh (Shehzad Sheikh) continues to openly reject Anya.  He takes it a step further and lands up at Daneen’s (Hania Amir) home, confronted by Saif (Alamdar Khan) and his mother, who promptly kick Areesh out.  Once back at his car, Areesh is overjoyed to find Daneen in the backseat and the two run away together.  Areesh takes Daneen to the flat he purchased for her after their engagement and the two are seen cleaning their new home. 

Ghazanfar (Shamil Khan) continues to fume over his family’s shame and seeks revenge.  He sends his men to the home of Sadia Begum’s (Seemi Raheel) servant after discovering her part in the drama and has them attack it, leaving it in tatters.  He then confronts Nazia, where the two engage in a battle of words, each threatening the other.  Ghazanfar ends up with an upper hand after he reveals the financial situation of Sherghar, leaving Nazia bewildered.  After speaking to her brother Zahid (Raju Jamil), she heads home cheerfully to placate Izza (Naimal Khawar) and Azam (Farhan Ali Agha).  However, neither are accepting of her after her latest antics and Nazia is left feeling rejected by her own family.

Izza continues to battle her feelings towards Altamash, avoiding his phone calls out of fear of his anger.  Altamash finally visits Izza at home in order to talk to her.  Izza informs him that when he finds out what has happened, he will hate her.  After she refuses to confide in him, Altamash leaves. 

It is difficult to label Anaa as a boring show – it actually is not.  In fact, some aspects of the show that have been seemingly dull and almost neglectful in their treatment are now beginning to show their impact.  For example, the Altamash and Izza relationship has been very slow and sluggish in development.  While initially being an exciting angle for viewers, they were left disappointed when Izza and Altamash continued to be sidelined and given only an occasional scene together.  However, in hindsight, looking at the journey of Altamash and Izza from episode 1 to episode 21, their growth in their relationship and feelings towards each other now seems all the more natural.  When did they fall in love?  When did they begin to have feelings for each other?  The audience can’t pinpoint it – Izza and Altamash as characters can’t pinpoint it.  It happened naturally over the course of time, which makes their relationship even more endearing. 

At present, with the drama of Daneen’s kidnapping awaiting viewers in the next episode, episode 22 promises to be an entertaining one.  Likewise, Altamash has yet to discover what has happened to Anya and the Shamsherghar  clan, which will throw his growing closeness to Izza for a loop – or will it?  It will be interesting to see how Altamash handles this situation.  One can only hope he removes his sister from that family and household entirely, as it’s now frustrating to watch her helpless and at the mercy of this family and her neglectful husband.  The next episode promises to be one worth watching. 

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