Anaa, Episode 20:  Dirty Tricks Are Played, Lies Are Exposed
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Anaa, Episode 20: Dirty Tricks Are Played, Lies Are Exposed

In Hania Amir and Shehzad Sheikh starrer “Anaa,” the show takes a heavy turn as the honor of the Shamshernagar family becomes a target

Anaa is a show that consistently delivers on drama, creating such a web of complicated and complex relationships that it is impossible for the story to be anything less than dramatic.  Considering the storyline, dealing with matters of betrayal, infidelity, family controversy and so forth, there’s no other way for the story to turn other than to culminate into an explosion.  But no one could prepare for the way the story unravels in episode 20, leading several characters into messy situations and exposing the lies of others.  Focusing on Altamash, Anya, Nazia and Izza, the episode is heavy in material.  Daneen plays a large role in the episode, though she is not seen in even one scene. 

While fans of Anaa continue to hope for more screen time for their favorite on-screen pair, Altamash (Usman Mukhtar) and Izza (Naimal Khawar), they are continuously let down regarding this story arc.  Viewers have been patiently waiting for the Altamash-Izza storyline to garner steam and finally be given the focus it deserves.  However, episode 20 is yet another let-down, giving Izza and Altamash only one opening scene and no further interaction afterwards.  In this one scene, Izza is made aware of the blackmail Altamash is at the receiving end of courtesy Ghazanfar (Shamil Khan).  The remainder of episode 20 heavily focuses on the mess of Daneen’s (Hania Amir) life and the aftermath of her affair with Areesh. 

In episode 20, there’s a large story at play.  Nazia, infuriated after seeing Daneen’s state after the Areesh affair has been exposed, decides to take revenge on the Shamshernagar household by playing a dirty game.  It’s discovered that Nazia, in her “goodness” to help the household maid, actually paid her to spy on the Shamshernagar household and give her vital information unknown to others.  Nazia sends a number of messages to the Shamshernagar family, despite Izza’s protests and unhappiness at the fallout that will occur. Areesh (Shehzad Sheikh) is sent a message from an unknown number informing him of an incident that occurred before his marriage to Anya (Areeba Shahood) – one that the audience assumes to be rape, though the rape is not directly discussed.  It’s alarming then to see how Areesh reacts to the entire situation, yelling at Anya and treating her like a liar for concealing this information and leaving her vulnerable.  While Anya is not a particularly squeaky-clean character, it’s upsetting to see her treated this way and Areesh behaving in a way that further cements his questionable character.  He goes on to visit Nazia, who informs him of Daneen’s situation, leaving Areesh upset and brooding over his loss, wondering how to move forward. 

The second revelation is made when Nazia puts a video of Nashwa (Javeria Kamran) up on Facebook with her boyfriend in a compromising situation. This video shakes the Shamshernagar household to its core and between this and the news about Anya, the family struggles with who to blame.  During this time, Altamash continues his attempts to contact Izza, but due to the reveal dealing with his sister, Izza cannot bring herself to answer his calls.

This was a fairly interesting episode of Anaa, bringing some new revelations to light while also revealing the ugly nature of Areesh and Ghazanfar in two very different ways.  It does leave the audience wondering how, with so many loose threads still hanging, how will this show wrap up?  At episode 20, one would imagine only 4-5 episodes are left, but with 4-5 different angles remaining open-ended with further elaboration needed.  It’s towards this point of the show that viewers begin hoping that the show does not culminate in a messy, sloppy way and ends in a satisfactory manner.  Meanwhile, the audience as a whole continues to wait for a solid storyline and attention for Altamash and Izza, even though the story is nearing a wind-up point.  

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