An Exclusive Iftar Preview With Vineet Bhatia at Ashiana
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An Exclusive Iftar Preview With Vineet Bhatia at Ashiana

Masala! got a chance to peek into the delicacies the Michelin-starred chef has to offer this Ramadan.

The Michelin chef Vineet Bhatia invited Masala! to Ashiana, Sheraton Dubai Creek Towers, to get a taste of what he’s got in store for us this Ramadan. The recently revamped restaurant has a very comforting & warm vibe with its dim lighting and wooden interior, making it the perfect destination for Indian foodies.

The evening was an intimate one as not only did we get to sample the delicacies from the upcoming menu, but also had the honour of watching the Michelin starred chef use his 30 years of experience to cook up some epic meals as he interacted with us. Not to mention the invaluable kitchen tips and secrets we picked up as he made an aromatic Prawn Curry and refreshing Chicken Tikka marinated in a coriander & mint paste. Other canapés of the evening consisted of barbeque choices such as classic Lamb Kebabs and hearty Prawn Tikkas.

Contrary to what one would expect, Vineet’s key to success is simplicity, claiming that “Simple things are the most difficult to make which is why our mothers are the best cooks.” He believes that when it comes to food, one should not over complicate a dish by doing too much. Relatively, he’s applying a similar thought process when it comes to selecting his menu for the holy month in Ashiana. “People come to break their fast after a long day, they don’t want somethig fancy, complicated or to have to think twice about what they order. They just want good food,” the chef explains. With high attention paid to the quality of his food, Vineet Bhatia simply adds a modern touch to classic items which therefore creates a dish of the utmost sophistication.

Though picking a favorite from the preview was an impossible choice to make, Masala! votes the Prawn Curry the winner of the evening, as watching the chef infuse the spices together made it even more alluring. Ashiana should definitely be on our readers’ dining list this month, so you can all try out the new Iftar menu set to kick-off from the 18th of June onwards. 

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