The Role a Young Scion From Dubai Played in Esha Gupta's Life
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The Role a Young Scion From Dubai Played in Esha Gupta's Life

All about her latest controversy

The gorgeous Esha Gupta was recently in the news (again), for a rather unusual reason! No surprises there right? Her close bond with a young scion from Dubai got social media into a knot and became the cause of entertaining debates and a lot of trolling.

The boy in question (boy, since he’s over 10 years younger than Esha), regularly appeared on her Instagram account, not shying away from referring to Esha as his ‘love’ and displaying an overwhelming amount of fondness toward the actress. Understandably, their 10-year-gap got social media talking, where many questioned the relationship. However, a pro at spinning around controversy, Esha was quick to respond, blaming the outburst on peoples ‘petty minds’. Smart isn’t it? Playing her cards right, Esha never left any controversy unanswered. Using her social media account, she had her say with all she did, making sure she was heard loud and clear, even if not completely understood.

Rewind back to 2007, a simple yet stunning Esha, had then just won the title of Miss India International, bowling people over with her charm. Strikingly beautiful was often the term used to describe her, and that, 10 years later, hasn’t changed too much. She then went on to feature in the Kingfisher calendar in 2010, following which she embarked on her journey into Bollywood.

Even though much has changed since she first won the title, Esha’s sultry eyes, luminous glow and come-hither curls stayed intact, making her a difficult face to forget. While her acting chops didn’t garner too much interest, Esha banked on her sky high sex appeal to get her to where she is now, and boy did that do her well! Following a few acting stints, Esha re-branded herself as a bold actress, with a rather attractive don’t-give-a-damn attitude.
Her recent photoshoot was evidence to her new avatar. The bold boudoir shoot set the internet of fire (we aren’t surprised why) and Esha soon became one of the most desirable faces in B-town. From then on, Esha secured her spot on everyone’s radar. From being signed on as brand ambassador for some fab brands, to posing as a showstopper for designers, the actress started showing up everywhere.

‘Love me or hate me, you can’t ignore me’ is what Esha lives by, and her life is a perfect testimony to it. Lot’s to learn from Ms. Gupta, isn’t there?

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