Scandal Flashback: Amrita Arora and Ruheen Jaiswal's Fight Over Fardeen Khan

Scandal Flashback: Amrita Arora and Ruheen Jaiswal's Fight Over Fardeen Khan

We bring you the details of this love triangle


Fardeen Khan, one of Bollywood’s most eligible bachelors in the early 2000s was going steady with the pretty Ruheen Jaiswal who hailed from a prominent business family. But everything changed when he signed Kitne Door Kitne Paas opposite Amrita Arora, Malaika Arora’s attractive sister. During the shoot of the film, the two allegedly were drawn to each other. While such ‘relationships’ rarely last beyond the shoot of a film and are usually taken with a pinch of salt, his girlfriend Ruheen was hugely upset by the news of Fardeen’s new friendship. She allegedly threw a fit when she heard stories about the stars’ frequent coffee shop meetings and growing closeness. Close friends of the couple say Ruheen turned out to be very possessive and finicky about Fardeen. And one cannot exactly blame her; after all, the charming, suave Khan was extremely desirable and popular with girls back then!

Fardeen’s fondness for Amrita became the talk of the town but he soon realised that he was in the danger of losing his girlfriend if it continued. He then made the sensible decision of choosing Ruheen over Amrita and even convinced the former that he had nothing to do with his co-star. Amrita, say insiders was a little hurt by Fardeen’s sudden volte-face though she did understand his rationale behind doing so. A dejected Amrita decided to concentrate on her career and the two mutually decided to work together only as co-stars. However what Fardeen didn’t anticipate was the extent of Ruheen’s resentment.

PERHAPS IT WAS Ruheen’s insecurity that ultimately led to a terrible episode in their lives. The occasion was Sussanne and Hrithik Roshan’s anniversary bash that was attended by the biggies of Bollywood. Amrita Arora too was an invitee along with her sister Malaika and brother-in-law Arbaaz Khan. Amrita stuck like glue to Malaika throughout the party. 

Fardeen, accompanied by Ruheen, came in a little late. As the two were talking to Hrithik and Sussanne, Ruheen spotted Amrita passing by and she suddenly became livid. What happened next shocked onlookers. Ruheen confronted an unsuspecting Amrita and began to spew all the abusive words she knew at that time.

A shocked Amrita allegedly pleaded with Ruheen to not create a scene, before turning away. But Ruheen did not stop. A perturbed Fardeen tried to intervene but to no avail. She continued her tirade and finally, rumour has it, planted a tight slap on Amrita’s cheek. When Fardeen dragged Ruheen away, she allegedly lashed out at him too. In the pin-drop silence that followed, witnesses saw Fardeen and Ruheen exchange heated words at the end of which, Ruheen stormed out in a huff.

Fardeen stayed on to put up a brave smile and pretend as if it was an ordinary couple’s tiff. Amrita, despite burning with embarrassment, maintained a calm and dignified front to prevent the Roshans’ party from being messed up.The incident made headlines in the tabloids but the main characters did not push it further and thankfully it died a natural death. Eventually Ruheen and Fardeen split up while Amrita too moved on.

Fardeen Khan's controversies

  •  He was linked with Pooja Bhatt but split up when he left for America. 
  •  He was once arrested for allegedly trying to buy banned substances. 
  •  Fardeen was also asked to apologise for having tweeted a joke about Pakistani cricketers which offended many of his fans.


Fardeen is currently in London with wife Natasha. The couple has been blessed with a baby girl and Fardeen will soon resume work on the sequel of No Entry.

Amrita Arora is married to Shakeel Ladakh and has a baby boy. She is currently a homemaker. Ruheen Jaiswal was dating a businessman till 2011, but there were rumours of the two having split. She is happy modeling and socializing with the jet-set.

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