Amitabh Bachchan Who Hasn't Given an Interview For Almost A Year, Finally Breaks His Silence

Amitabh Bachchan Who Hasn't Given an Interview For Almost A Year, Finally Breaks His Silence

So what does Amitabh Bachchan, whose 102 Not Out is up for release, have to say? Read and find out for yourself!
Amitabh Bachchan Who Hasn't Given an Interview For Almost A Year, Finally Breaks His Silence

Amitabh Bachchan

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You've been off interview for quite some time now. What prompted you to  stay away from  interviews?

Interviews mean being questioned by one, and the need for an answer by the other ! I have had nothing to say, so what is the need for an interview? Now, there is a film on release and protocol and obligations towards media and interviews are the need of the hour for promoting what we have created, for the audience. And so here I am , selfishly, presenting myself for questioning!

How has life been  treating you during the past months? There were sporadic reports  of  ill health and injury .Has the body repaired and are you, as usual, infused with inspirational energy?

I have had some injuries during my work recently, which persist. These are related to some old action injuries of the past, catching up as the body ages. Treatments are on and to expect the body at this age to repair completely is wishful thinking .So one stumbles along.

102 Not Out is your new release. So tell us, what was it like playing a 100-plus man?

The script and character analysis that was narrated to me by the Director Umesh Shukla and the writer Saumya Doshi, was to play a youthful 102 .An attempt has been made!

I feel your beard and  white hair  makes you look uncannily  like  painter M  F Hussain.

Never thought about that .. but since you say so I shall go with it .. अब मीडिया से कौन बहस करे! (Who will argue with the media?)

The film reunites  you with Rishi Kapoor after decades. What was  like shooting with him after all these years?

It was as glorious , as it was all those past years and the historic films we did together ! It’s not like we were separated at birth and were meeting after 27 years!

102 Not Out  addresses itself to the question  of  mortality and  longevity. Did you  have discussions these themes with the  director and  your  co-star?

I do not possess the intellectualism to delve into such deep philosophies. But yes I do know that we are born to perish someday and how wonderful if we can live that life with the fulfilment the joys and the happiness that life brings!

I believe  you are doing some  audacious stunts  in  Thugs Of Hindostan. Aren't these risks  not worth taking at  the  cost of  your  health and  wellbeing?

They are audacious and they are a risk .But then, I could well slip on a banana peel and head to Thy Kingdom Come. So …. we try to live up to the professional demands required of us and proceed subsequently with adequate precaution.

Shweta  has turned into a novelist. Your comments  on  that?

I am a very proud father and am delighted that the legacy of my Father continues!