Amitabh Bachchan Narrates the Day he got Married
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Amitabh Bachchan Narrates the Day he got Married

Amitabh Bachchan said that it was an unplanned wedding

If you didn't already know that Amitabh Bachchan had a very unplanned wedding, you're at the right place. The veteran star celebrated his 46th wedding anniversary with Jaya Bachchan on June 3 and narrated the events of the day the two tied the knot. Sharing that his wife was abroad, the actor thanked his fans for the best wishes he had received. He then shared the story on his blog.

Amitabh wrote, "I lived on the seventh street of a society in a rented house and it had also been decided that Jaya and I were to be married soon. It was also decided that it wouldn't be a very lavish wedding, just our families. No dates were decided as of yet."

The actor continued, "Our friends and I made a promise to ourselves and each other that if Zanjeer became a success, we would go on a holiday to London. The holiday would also mark mine and Jaya's first trip ever."

The 76-year-old star, however, did have to inform, or rather, seek permission from his father. Amitabh added, "Upon informing my father that all of us friends were going to go to England, he asked the names of the people who were travelling. When I told him about everyone, he asked if Jaya would be going on the trip too. I told him that yes she was to which he said that if we wanted to go together on a trip, we need to get married first."

A little surprised, Amitabh agreed. The Sholay star then explained that the pandit and families were then quickly informed about the sudden wedding and everything was set for the next day. Their flight was also on the same day of wedding. "My father promised that the wedding would be over before we have to rush to the airport for the flight. So I dressed up in formal Indian wedding attire and sat in the driver's seat to go to Malabar Hill where the ceremony was supposed to take place. But my driver, Nagesh, insisted to drive me there himself instead as a substitute to the horse that the groom takes to the bride's house on the day of the wedding."

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The actor also added that while he was waiting to leave the house, it had started to rain. His neighbours told him that it was a good omen and that he should get to Jaya as soon as possible. "I went and the wedding was over in a few hours and we were proclaimed Mr. and Mrs." The couple then left for their trip to London together, with their friends.

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