Ameesha Patel walks out of film
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Ameesha Patel walks out of film

Shouldn't she be signing anything that comes her way?

Ameesha Patel has walked out of director Anil Sharma's next, 'Singh Saheb the Great' starring Sunny Deol. The reason is apparently because the director was constantly unsure about when he would start shooting and kept changing the dates, which was causing problems for Ameesha.

The actress couldn't handle it anymore when Sharma told her that the 2013 shooting schedule would be somewhere between February-April and she would have to set aside 60 days for the film. Ameesha could no longer forego her other commitments and endorsements and had to say no to her 'Gadar' director.

A source states, "It's unprofessional of Anil to take advantage of her kindness. She has other projects too but Anil believes that once an actress has been signed, she should be there whenever he wants her and shouldn't do any other work till his film releases." Ameesha obviously can't follow such a policy in today's times. The source adds, "Sadly, it's been over three months and Anil hasn't even paid her the signing amount, nor a contract has been drawn up. Yet Ameesha would be there for costume meetings with Neeta Lulla, who also hasn't been paid anything."

Now starts the real problem Sunny Deol rejected Sunny Leone as the leading lady and now Ameesha, a good choice, has also left quit the film! But considering Ameesha has so few films on hand, we wonder if it is a wise choice she has made!

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