Ameesha Patel refuses item number
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Ameesha Patel refuses item number

The actress wants to do 'meaningful' roles

Ameesha Patel whose career has been pretty much on the decline is raring to make a great comeback. Probably that's the reason why she refused to do an item song in a south Indian film despite being offered a huge sum for it.

A report says that producers were willing to pay her a huge fee and shoot the song according to her dates and availability. It was supposed to have been shot in three different locations but after much thinking Ameesha said no.

According to sources, Ameesha is busy with her Bollywood projects like 'Race 2' and 'Shortcut Romeo' both of which releases early next year. Then she will be busy with Sunny Deol's film 'Sahib The Great'. The actress apparently wants to do meaningful roles in quality films and not inconsequential songs.

But the point is, where are the roles Ameesha?