“Aloo Chaat is the Ultimate Party Anthem”: RDB

“Aloo Chaat is the Ultimate Party Anthem”: RDB

After winning accolades in Bollywood, RDB collaborates with US rapper T-Pain for their new track, Daddy Da Cash
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“Aloo Chaat is the Ultimate  Party Anthem”: RDB
RDB collaborated with US rapper T-Pain for their new track Daddy Da Cash

From local UK bhangra DJs to Bollywood music, to working with the likes of Snoop Dogg and Ludacris, RDB has become a musical force to reckon with. In an exclusive chat with Masala!, they share details about their collaboration with US rapper T-Pain for their new track, Daddy Da Cash and tell us how is it different from their earlier tracks: 


1.  Tell us more about your group’s collaboration with US rapper T-Pain on the new track Daddy  Da Cash.

Collaborating with an international Hip Hop icon like T-Pain is a great privilege. He is a great artiste and we share the same vision of music. It’s not our first international collaboration, as we have launched songs featuring Snoop Dogg, Public Enemy and Ludacris in the past and it’s always an exciting project to work with leaders from the Hip Hop scene. The combination of traditional Punjabi Bhangra with the sounds and modern technology used in Hip Hop allowed us to create something unique. This track is definitely a Punjabi party anthem made for people to enjoy and have a good time.


2.  Why is it called ‘Daddy Da Cash’?

Nowadays, everything revolves around money. Teenagers are obsessed with materialistic things and people always want to make more money. Although its a bit of a taboo topic, we wanted to make a fun party ballin’ track that some generations could relate to.


3.  How will this track be different from what you have done before?

Each artist we collaborate with adds his or her own twist to a song, which makes it really unique and different from what has been done in the past, although you will always find the ‘RDB stamp’ to it.


4.  Which artiste would you love to work with?

We grew-up listening to Dr Dre, Nas and The Fugees, they inspired us and we have a lot of respect for them. It would be an amazing opportunity to be able to work with them on a project and share ideas. We also love David Guetta, he is really creative and always takes the airwaves by storm with his  music. Michael Jackson is one of our biggest idols!


5.  What has been your single biggest musical influence?

Our dad has been the main influence to direct our attention in the right way. It was an interest that we had from a very young age, and of course during that time there were various music legends such as Surjit Bhindrakia and Michael Jackson. They were great role models whom we looked up to and also got inspired by. Kuly, our brother, has also been such an inspiration for us, and has definitely left his footprint in the way we write, compose and produce songs.


6.  What are your all time favourite Bollywood tracks?

Aloo Chaat is for us the ultimate party anthem (after ‘Daddy Da Cash’ of course!)


7.  What are the future projects in Bollywood that you are working on?

We have a lot in store, more collaborations with some mainstream artistes. You’ll just have to wait and see. We’re going to continue to make music as our international fanbase grows. We will be making hits for Bollywood to keep the industry on its toes, but one thing that we need to make sure is that we continue growing as artistes and developing our sound. Innovation and reinvention are the keys to success, it’s what this industry is all about.