Alok Nath Granted Anticipatory Bail: THIS is What he has to Say on the Rape Charges
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Alok Nath Granted Anticipatory Bail: THIS is What he has to Say on the Rape Charges

Writer-director Vinta Nanda had accused Alok Nath of sexual assault in the wake of the #metoo movement

Actor Alok Nath accused of rape by writer-director Vinta Nanda has been given relief by the courts. He has been granted anticipatory bail. For the first time since the accusation snowballed into a major scandal in the wake of the #metoo campaign, Alok surfaced from hiding to speak. Says Alok, “The honourable court and my lawyers have advised me to keep completely silent for now. In fact, I’ve been quiet throughout. Maybe some words escaped my mouth in my state of angst. But otherwise, I’ve been lying absolutely low for the last three months. It is not right for me to make any comment at the moment. But yes we (Alok and his team of lawyers) got anticipatory bail, and we’re very grateful for that. Now, when  I am in a position to speak I will have a heart-to-heart with you.”

Alok does, however, express his gratitude to his wife Ashu. “She has been a pillar of strength for me. I am grateful to God that in my journey she has been my co-traveller throughout. She has been with me always. And my truth is her truth, and that’s God’s truth. So I am grateful to God for that.”

Alok says his next legal move would depend on the court order.  “I cannot pre-empt anything right now. But one thing I can tell you. This  battle will reach its  logical conclusion, and the  truth, whatever  it is, will be revealed.”

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