Alok Nath Accused of Sexual Assault
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Alok Nath Accused of Sexual Assault

Writer-director Vinta Nanda, the woman behind the iconic TV show of the 90s, ‘Tara’, has given details of the shocking assault she suffered

The shock hasn’t died down as yet. As the #Metoo movement gains momentum in Bollywood, more and more stories are tumbling out, dragging into the much, acclaimed actors, filmmakers, editors among others.

However, yesterday, one of the most shocking stories of abuse was shared by a woman who was a pioneer in the television industry in the 90s. Vinta Nanda, writer and director, and the person behind the iconic TV series Tara (one of the longest running soaps that took the nation by storm in the satellite era) accused the most ‘sanskaari person in the film and TV industry’ of rape and sexual assault. In a long Facebook post, Vinta wrote about the abuse she faced. The reason she decided to come out with her story, 19 years later, was because of the changed circumstances.

In an interview to Firstpost, she says, “The reason why I wrote my story  yesterday was because I felt that moment of "now or never". This moment never came to me in the '90s. Because there was no such #MeToo movement, or gender discourse being talked about. The kind of accepted environment at the time was that this is the norm. If something happened to you, you kept quiet. We were making a very feminist show (Tara) which even today is ahead of its time for television, so right from the first episode onwards, since the women were the story tellers and were in charge, the men were in discomfort and the male stars were uncomfortable, but that was the norm back then. Big male stars didn't work in female-driven stories.”

In her Facebook post, Vinta detailed how the lead actor of Tara (it was Alok Nath) misbehaved with the lead actress (Navneet Nishan, who went on to act in quite a few films in supporting roles). Thereafter, during one night, the actor spiked Vinta’s drink and the next thing she knew was that she had been assaulted.

Here is her post:

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