All You Wanted to Know About Rajinikanth’s Next Release ‘Petta’

All You Wanted to Know About Rajinikanth’s Next Release ‘Petta’

Rajinikanth is back playing the messiah of the downtrodden in his next film ‘Petta’ that releases two months after 2:0
All You Wanted to Know About Rajinikanth’s Next Release ‘Petta’

The trailer of Rajinikanth’s Petta shows the actor looking far younger than he did in all his recent films including 2:0. In fact one of the heroines comments on how young he’s looking, in case we miss the point.

The heroines, by the way, Trisha and Simran are not as young as they have been in recent Rajini starrers. It can’t get any younger than Amy Jackson in 2:0. Petta which opens in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil for Pongal on January 10 will be Rajinikanth’s second release in two months. And one hears  Rajini’s distributors are none too happy with this decision to let two Rajini films overlap in the theatres which effectively means the death of 2:0 for the sake of Petta.

Apparently, efforts were on to postpone the release of Petta. “But Rajini would hear none of it. He has full confidence on his project and believes 2:0 and Petta both would have a simultaneous and harmonious run at the box-office.

Petta’s director Karthik Subbaraj has attained an impressive reputation in no time at all as a filmmaker who delivers the hits. After making 4 successful films in a row Karthik has done what he calls the most difficult film of his career.

Karthik says, “It has been my dream to make a film with Rajini Sir. I grew up watching his films. And I was sure I would direct a  film with him someday. I never thought would happen so early.” 

When  Karthik wrote  Petta for Rajinkanth he was in for a  surprise. “ I went with the story to  Rajini Sir about a year ago. I never thought he would agree to do it. To my surprise he had seen my films from the first one Pizza, then Jigarthanda and  Iraivi. When  Rajini Sir said he had seen all my films I was happier than I can explain. He had trust in my abilities and we decided to do our film together as soon as he was free from his two assignments Kaala and  2: 0. I thought he would forget about my film. But when he finished  with his pending projects he told me we can start.”

Karthik feels a huge sense of joy and responsibility.  “With the happiness of knowing I was working with the biggest star of the country came the worry of knowing how to present him in a different light.  To change his image was unacceptable to his fans. So I had  to work my way around his image.”

The one thing that Karthik’s Rajini starrer won’t go into is politics. “I’m aware Rajini  Sir has been doing political films lately.  But Petta has nothing to do with politics. It would be  a light-hearted  film.”

Apart from Rajinikanth, Vijay Sethupati also stars in Petta. Says Karthik, “Vijay Sethupati has been a  part of almost all my films. He  trusts me blindly and I feel the same  trust in his abilities each time.”