All You Need to Know About Salman Khan's Trusted Bodyguard Shera

All You Need to Know About Salman Khan's Trusted Bodyguard Shera

Salman Khan trusts Shera with his life and it isn't surprising why!
All You Need to Know About Salman Khan's Trusted Bodyguard Shera

There is considerable curiosity around Shera, Salman Khan's body guard who follows the actor like a shadow. He is the man who was there to receive him outside Jodhpur Jail when Salman Khan stayed out. Well, here's everything you wanted to know.

Shera was born as Gurmeet Singh, into a Sikh family. He was never interested in academics and as he grew older, gym became his passion. He took part in several local competitions and soon started winning events.  Nobody knows this, but Shera had won the Mr. Mumbai title and stood second in the Mr. Maharashtra event. Yes, he is an accomplished bodybuilder. His good physique helped him get a job at Wizcraft, which handled the protection details of Bollywood bigwigs. Shera met Salman briefly, for the first time in 1995, at a party held for Hollywood star, Keanu Reeves. This was just an introduction with no outcome. Salman liked Shera right from the first meeting but the person who liked him more was Sohail Khan. At a Salman Khan show in Chandigarh the crowd was out of control and Salman was mobbed. This is when Sohail Khan wanted a big and strong bodyguard for his brother.

He met Shera, and asked him, “Bhai ke saath hamesha rahoge (Will you always stay with my brother)?” Sohail asked Shera. Shera just said, “Yes”. Shera has maintained his commitment till date prompting Salman to use this as a dialogue in a Wanted, saying "Maine Ek Bar Commitment Kar Di Toh Khud Ka Bhi Nahi Sunta."

Those dialogues were inspired by Shera.

Shera addresses Salman not as Bhai but as 'Maalik'. Maalik means master. And he has proved his loyalty towards Salman by keeping him out of physical harm at all public places even if it means running in front of his car for miles. Shera’s son Tiger is waiting in the wings to be launched by Salman. According to reports Shera gets a salary of Rs. 15 lacs+ per month (that was two years back), which translates to Rs. 2 crores annually. Also, Salman Khan's close bodyguards are to be hired from Shera's security company whenever he attends big events. Shera is also a security expert now and provides bodyguards to international figures visiting India. He was in charge of Grammy award winning singer Justin Bieber’s security during his Mumbai concert too.
Yes, it's difficult to find a person as loyal as Shera.