Salman Khan's Love For Cycling. Here's What You Need to Know

Salman Khan's Love For Cycling. Here's What You Need to Know

Salman Khan loves cycling and is often seen cycling to film studios on his e-cycle. Here's what you need to know about his favorite hobby.

Salman Khan is known to be someone who takes his fitness training very seriously. Even at the age of 53, Salman Khan is an absolute fitness sensation because a lot of hard work goes into maintaining that physique which every newcomer aspires to achieve. Since he is known to be a fitness freak, the megastar does not leave any opportunity to keep himself in perfect shape. His Instagram social media account is a testimony to his love for fitness and everything related.

Quite recently, the megastar posted an Instagram video where he is seen cycling to the Dabang 3 Studio while literally drenching himself in Mumbai rains. Salman Khan is known for flaunting his love for bicycles. The actor has been spotted on several occasions by fans taking impromptu rides around Mumbai city on his Giant bicycle. He owns an extravagant bicycle which starts from Rs 1 lakh onwards.  An avid cycler, he also cycles in his free time and even took his cycle to the sets to stay fit. Did you know he can cycle for up to 3 hours at a stretch? Amazing stamina we must say!

While talking about his love for cycling in one of his interviews, Salman Khan said, “Cycling gives me a kick. Anything that increases momentum is high, besides which it’s a damn good form of cardio and the best way to prevent pollution. Everybody in the city can afford a cycle. Go on, get one, it keeps you fit, and in Mumbai’s peak hour traffic — you reach your destination faster. When I travel by car, I’m on the phone, but when I cycle to a shoot, I get my workout done on the journey, and my evening is free.”

In another interview the Big boss host admits "More than in the gym, the body is made out of the gym. You might spend long hours in the gym, but it is your discipline and a strong mind that plays a greater role in achieving your desired body".