Rose Jewellery Exhibition in Dubai

Celebrating art, nature and love, luxury jewellery brand Rose is coming to the city
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Rose Jewellery Exhibition in Dubai
A decadent necklace

India’s leading luxury jewellery house, Rose will be bringing a selection of exquisite handmade jewellery to the Capital Club in Dubai on March 22, 2014. Hosted by jewellery connoisseur, Sumati Menda, the event will showcase the latest collection ‘Colours of Life’ and for the first time in Dubai, La Reina. La Reina is a creation of Managing Director, Biren Vaidya and 9 designers and artisans who have worked together for over two years. Crafted with over 780 carats of fine Columbian baroque cut emeralds hewn from a single rough of over 3,000 carats, a piece of jewellery like this has previously only been exclusively within the reach of royalty.

INFO: Visit Capital Club on 22 March, 2014 

About Rose Jewellery

Luxury makes many statements – power, status, history, originality, sophistication & collectibles. With a heritage of over 30 years, Rose stands for the true essence of luxury possessions signifying status, power & royalty. So exotic and so rare, Rose is a personal statement of class & beauty, acquired only by a privileged few.      

Rose, which started as jeweller to jewellers in 1981, has evolved to be being India’s leading luxury jewellery house with International recognition. The brand philosophy is not to create jewellery for a season but to create heirlooms to be passed on by the new age  to their scions, Rose thus exhibits a level of design and craftsmanship previously unattainable. With this vision, the creative soul & the driving force behind the brand & the group –Biren Vaidya , Managing Director, Rose and the Design Head today has created a must have experience in luxury, an experience called Rose.

Rose’s obsession with luxury has won over jewellery connoisseurs around the world making it the chosen destination for some of the most elite families, who affirm the luxury time at Rose.

From the most fashion-forward designs to the exclusively customised, Rose showcases brilliant, bejewelled masterpieces borne out of three decades of experience in crafting jewellery for the discerning patron.