All Natural Weight-Loss Journey

All Natural Weight-Loss Journey

Shed those pounds by trying Balance Wellness Club's new program

Say no to crash diets and strenuous exercise fads and enrol right away for Balance Wellness Club's newly introduced holistic and all-natural weight loss journey that is individually personalised for varied body types. Including components to the value of Dhs8,000 for a 35 - 40 days weight loss plan, Balance Wellness Club's offering is available until 30 November for an introductory price of just AED5,000. Doing away with standardised treatments, the programme provides a 360o wellness approach, which includes counselling, customised diet plans, exercise and therapies. The journey addresses every aspect of an individual for achieving optimum mind-body balance. The comprehensive plan begins with a thorough analysis of the body composition, body type, clinical evaluation, blood tests and diet. Accordingly, realistic goals are set based on the individual objectives of each client. Balance Wellness Club's Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant then teams up with a nutritionist and a yoga expert to chart a holistic weight-loss plan. The first seven days of the programme includes detoxification therapies, diet and yoga sessions. These therapies help remove toxins from the body, allowing the digestive and metabolic systems to perform better and aid weight loss. Week-two includes a combination of Ayurvedic therapies and yoga sessions at the Wellness Club, along with three personal training sessions at Fitness First. As part of the emphasis on the diet, cooking classes at Balance Caf will offer tips on the preparation of healthy and nutritious meals at home. In order to gain an understanding of your progress, alterations to body weight will be tracked diligently. At the end of the treatment, you will be presented with a customised booklet containing detailed follow-up instructions on diet, yoga and lifestyle recommendations for maintaining the results of the programme On an average, the weight loss journey helps patrons lose a healthy two - three kilograms per month. The programme also helps individuals achieve increased energy, lowered cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as reduced aches and pains and better sleep. Based on bespoke analysis by experts at Balance Wellness Club, the journey may be extended to more number of days in order to achieve optimal results. Balance Wellness Club's weight loss journey is not a generic kilo or calorie-based programme. Drawing upon the fundamentals of applied genetic science, the weight loss plan stimulates every body type with specific food, exercise and massage to ensure holistic wellbeing. For detailed consultation and information on the weight loss journey, please contact 04 387010/7011 or

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