All About Rhea Ganwani’s Hot New Brand

All About Rhea Ganwani’s Hot New Brand

Scion of the Ganwani family, Rhea Ganwani has launched a brand that is a reflection of her individuality

She’s bold, creative and she dares to be different. The vivacious albeit media-shy Rhea Ganwani, scion of the Ganwani family (and niece to Sima Ved of Apparel Group) has just launched Equilibrheum – an edgy brand that is as much a tribute to the spirit of today’s woman as it is a reflection of her individuality. Equilibrheum’s first ‘seallection’ – a cross between a season and collection – has been inspired by Rhea’s own globe-trotting and non-linear approach to life. The bold yet classic line of monochromatic pieces in black, ivory and fluorescent yellow has an authenticity and personal narrative behind each design.

All About Rhea Ganwani’s Hot New Brand

Combining her family’s rich legacy in retail and entrepreneurship with her degree from NYU, Rhea says Seallection 1.0 brings together “a tightly curated selection of some favourite pieces, inspired by the more traditional silhouettes of my upbringing complemented by stylized global references from my travels.” She has already put together another collection which will be out soon. “I like to work fast and can’t wait to create something new,” she tells Masala!

INFO: Seallection 1.0 by Equilibrheum can be found online at or purchased by appointment from Office A105, Building 4, Dubai Design District;

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