Alia Bhatt Reveals Why Bollywood Shies Away From Joining the #MeToo Movement

Alia Bhatt Reveals Why Bollywood Shies Away From Joining the #MeToo Movement

Alia Bhatt speaks about why Bollywood stars refuse to reveal the names of the people at fault
Alia Bhatt Reveals Why Bollywood Shies Away From Joining the #MeToo Movement

Alia Bhatt

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While the Telugu film industry is in turmoil because of the #Metoo movement after an actress' semi-nude protest, the question is why has it not taken off in Bollywood yet, despite some stars voicing instances of being harassed?

First of all, actresses in Bollywood have refused to take names. The allegations are all spoken of in general, against the practice of the casting couch. Everywhere else, even in Pakistan, the #Metoo movement has gained momentum because the accusations were against a specific person.

Alia Bhatt at a recent media interaction revealed why Bollywood shies away from revealing names!

Anupama Chopra during an interview with Alia, asked her why the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement haven’t come to the Bollywood yet. It’s happened in Tollywood and also in Lollywood. Alia replied, “There’s a very big misconception that if you’ve been sexually assaulted or exploited molested or in any way, with the kind of culture we come from, there’s a certain sense that it becomes your fault. I am saying this because I have played similar role in my movie Highway.  The girl also thinks-Where will I go after this? Who is going marry me? How will people look at me?” Alia Bhatt further said, “In the small towns especially, there are number of hospitals and medical bodies. Recently I have a conversation about this with someone, so I am saying that the people are not aware about the correct procedure to be followed after a girl has been inflicted either with rape or any sexual abuse. The hospitals are also not following procedures correctly after a girl has been inflicted with sexual abuse.”

Anupama the asked her about why the movement hasn’t gathered momentum in Bollywood, despite the number of educated women, as compared to many other places. The actress explained, “It takes a lot of guts to come out and speak about it in front of others and first the girl need to know that it’s not her fault and nothing is going to happen to her.”

Alia Bhatt and Vicky Kaushal are currently busy in the promotional activities of their upcoming movie Raazi, helmed by Meghana Gulzar.