Alia Bhatt is Penning Her First Script?

Alia Bhatt is Penning Her First Script?

Alia Bhatt may be using her downtime to polish her screenwriting skills. Read more below

It might be hard to embrace optimism in the middle of a rapidly worsening global pandemic. After all, every industry –small or huge – is suffering majorly and the world economy is under crisis. But Bollywood diva Alia Bhatt sounds all positive and this comes like a breath of fresh air for all of us. As we know, all the shoots have been postponed and the entire Bollywood has gone into self quarantine, celebrities are trying to be as productive as they can. Some are posting their phenomenal workout videos, a few taking out some time for cooking; while the rest is also entertaining fans with live sessions and interviews.

In one of Rajeev Masand’s recent ‘Lockdown’ interviews on his YouTube channel, he got us connected with Karan Johar and Alia Bhatt who were about to begin shooting for their up-coming film Takht in the end of this month. Having so much on her plate right now, Ali Bhatt reflected on the current situation and commented that there is more to this than people’s personal lives being on a halt and them facing boredom at their homes. She also talked about how she is holding up and making her routine productive during self quarantine. “What’s going on in the world right now is so much bigger than all of us. I am not someone who would say I want to go out and meet people or I want to work and get out of the house."

"I am just trying to fill up my day with as much activities as possible." - Alia Bhatt.

Alia continued to state that, "That is not something on my mind at the moment. I am just trying to fill up my day with as much activities as possible – be it mental, physical or emotional – something which I am constantly looking forward to during the day. I am taking this creative writing course online and I have dedicated my two hours of the day to reading and making sure that I at least finish three books. So, I have chalked out my time in a way that I am mentally busy which is very important right now.”
While Karan Johar told that Alia is often referred to as Paul the Octopus by Zoya Akhtar as she almost knows which movie is going to work and which will bite the dust, he also expressed how intriguing it would be to read Alia’s first script.

When asked whether Alia likes to write or expecting something coming out of her online writing course, she shared, “I have always said this that I am not the brains of the family. I can’t write, I am very poor in reading, that’s something which my sister, father and mother do. But while I was working for Sadak with my dad, the experience was so collaborative – that’s the way my father works – that a lot of suggestions were taken from me to add to the script. I have to give the credit to my dad as he kept pushing me that I should write as he sees a director in me; however, I have always negated that. And then, other people in my life also told me that I have a knack for having humour in the most random moments. So, I thought let me just try and explore and I am really enjoying it!”

While being the typical Kjo, he intervened – and Rajeev backed – to ask Alia is it really the ‘people’ in her life who gave her this feedback or is it just one person who is the ultimate motivating factor behind this, on which she replied, that some ‘important people’ have been pushing her to explore the writer in her. Well, no brownie points for guessing Alia Bhatt’s ‘important people’, who are actually inspiring her to achieve new goals.

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By Iqra Sarfaraz
Based in Karachi, Pakistan, Iqra is a full-time journalist who is a Bollywood junkie and loves to travel. She tweets as @iqrasarfaraz_