Alia Bhatt Has The Sweetest Thing to Say to Kareena Kapoor Khan
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Alia Bhatt Has The Sweetest Thing to Say to Kareena Kapoor Khan

The young actress makes a confession!

Alia Bhatt recently confessed to being Kareena Kapoor Khan’s biggest fan. The actress has often spoken about her admiration for Kareena, complimenting her on her acting talent and her style.

She has now gone on to pen down a little heart-warming note to the actress which reads:

“Dear Kareena,
Apne career ke bulandi pe
Tumne chuna Chameli jaisa role
Par un galliyon mein jo waqt bitaya, kissi ne na jana
Tum ho mere liye ek inspiration

Kareena Kapoor Khan expressed her gratitude and love after reading the letter saying "I love you Alia"

Alia Bhatt and Kareena have previously starrer together in Udta Punjab and they seem to have gotten closer ever since. The young actress was even compared to Kareena many a times, to which she said, “Honestly speaking, I am not even trying to compete with Kareena because that would be stupid with me. She is in a different league of acting, stardom and talent altogether. I am still learning and very new to this field. For me it's a very big thing that I am starring in the same film with her. Even if she is overshadowing me, then I don't think all that really matters. Each character in the film is different. Over that, the job is not to overshadow but to play your part to the fullest and I am sure that Kareena has done far superior job than I could have ever done and I say that from my heart."

Well, Alia we can’t blame you for being so smitten with Kareena, we are too!

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