Alia Bhatt Clears The Air About Her ‘Fight’ With Ranbir Kapoor
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Alia Bhatt Clears The Air About Her ‘Fight’ With Ranbir Kapoor

A video showing an alleged argument between Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt had gone viral leading to speculations about their relationship

A video showing Ranbir visibly agitated in a car as Alia tries to reason with him has the internet going wild guessing if there is trouble in paradise. Several users also ‘advised’ Alia to be wary of the relationship given Ranbir’s alleged ways. However, a friend of the couple clears the air claiming the argument was a normal one.

“There’s no problem between them (Ranbir and Alia). Their fans are paranoid because of his past relationships and the way they’ve ended. To be very honest, we don’t know which way this would go. But at the moment they are in a comfortable space,” says the friend.

About the video showing the couple in a fight, the friend says, “They had just come out of a screening of  Gully Boy. Maybe Ranbir was a little piqued about Alia sharing so many kisses with Ranveer Singh in the film. If he’s playing the possessive boyfriend this time, that’s a good sign. It means he’s more serious about Alia than anyone else.”

To allay fans’ fears, Alia herself addressed the alleged ‘fight’. “I have Valentining that day,” the Gully Boy actress told Asian Age. Since I’ve been promoting Gully Boy, I had a late night and woke up late on Valentine’s Day. I was flooded with messages and greetings about our film along with some Valentine’s greetings and some marriage proposals from strangers as well.”

She even brought up Ranbir in her conversation. When she was asked if she found time for Ranbir in between her busy schedule, Alia said, “There was time for Ranbir also, don’t worry.”

So that perhaps ends all doubts.

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