Ali Zafar's Response to Meesha Shafi's Charges: Truth Shall Prevail
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Ali Zafar's Response to Meesha Shafi's Charges: Truth Shall Prevail

Ali Zafar will fight the charges of sexual harassment pressed against him by Meesha Shafi, say sources

The sexual harassment issue involving singer-actor Ali Zafar is getting rather complicated with people taking sides already. Ali seems to have as many supporters as dissenters in his fight to prove his innocence. He has already denied all the charges made against him and has promised to fight it legally. When this correspondent reached out to Ali Zafar he responded, “Truth shall prevail. I know me and I know my faith in HIM”.

Ali Zafar, say sources, is actually determined to prove his innocence because he believes in it. His friends, family, fans and many colleagues from the Pakistani entertainment industry are firmly behind him. A prominent actor from Pakistan sent this writer a defence of Ali and then deleted it saying he will speak at the “right” time. Meaning, at a time when more of Ali’s colleagues and friends would come forward in his support. Interestingly, despite the support Meesha is getting on social media from activists and a few colleagues, Ali is also being supported by women who know him. Notably, his band mates Kanza Munir and Aqsa Ali have proclaimed they are firmly on his side. Will this make Meesha’s fight tougher? Time will tell. According to sources, Ali’s wife Ayesha is also “full and unconditionally” aligned with her husband’s innocence. “It’s not going to be easy to make Ali Zafar look culpable because he has a lot of support within Pakistan’s entertainment industry,” says one of them, adding that proving such charges is always going to be tricky. Significantly, Meesha Shafi’s lawyer claimed in a television interview that she has not received Ali Zafar’s legal notice asking for a public apology for her allegation in lieu of a defamation suit.

Even more significantly, Ali apparently in no mood to back down. “He will fight this. It’s about his reputation. Ali Zafar is very image conscious. He will fight this until he proves his innocence,” says a source.

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