Ali Zafar is the New Bhaee in Town

Ali Zafar is the New Bhaee in Town

Ali Zafar turned criticism in an opportunity to his release his own version of unofficial PSL 5 song and asks his fans to contribute to a video by sending their own dance videos.

With the possible release of PSL 5 unofficial anthem by Ali Zafar on Sunday, fans are waiting anxiously after sending their dance videos in an unprecedented campaign by the singer. From the very first day of the PSL 5 campaign, Pakistani cricket fans have been complaining about many things. First being the PSL 5 song and the opening ceremony which led to a full-blown outrage on social media by disappointed cricket followers.

However, Ali Zafar decided to cash this opportunity rather than carrying on with the online or mainstream media scuffle, with extremely well calculated, quick and a well-thought strategy. Ali Zafar came up with #BhaeeHazirHai campaign in response to Ali Azmat blaming him on a national TV network for being responsible for the fans’ criticism that he and his colleague received before and after the opening ceremony of Pakistan Super League 5 in Karachi. Ali Zafar brilliantly used #BhaeeHazirHai as a marketing tool for his upcoming PSL 5 unofficial anthem turning the whole unpleasant scene into an opportunity for him.

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After releasing a video in which he used #BhaeeHazirHai hashtag in a very sarcastic manner, asking people to blame him for whatever is going wrong in their lives. Soon after Ali Zafar announced that he is also making an unofficial PSL 5 anthem on a huge public demand.

What made this strategy a brilliant idea is that he asked his fans and followers to share their dance videos with him by giving them a hint of a tune comprised of a typical Punjabi bhangra number putting the whole cricket crazy nation restless. The public response was unprecedented and Ali Zafar and his team received videos from all over the world. I am sure even watching them all is not humanly possible.

How It All Began:

Ali Zafar announced to produce the unofficial PSL 5 anthem after huge public demand, in the wake of a spat between him and Junoon singer Ali Azmat. Ali Azmat in his interview with Waseem Badami on ARY News accused Ali Zafar of conspiring against him and the entire opening ceremony of PSL 5.

He was asked about his reactions to the social media backlash on the PSL 5 anthem ‘Tayyar Hain’; Ali Azmat without directly naming Ali Zafar accused him of planting bloggers on social media to conspire against the new anthem. Ali Azmat also accused that those bloggers were working on a paid campaign to spur a negative Twitter trend against the PSL 5 anthem. He also claimed that the authorities are also aware of this so-called conspiracy.

The Positive Effect on Educational Institutions:

What I particularly like about this idea that this has allowed us to receive some good positive news from colleges and universities across Pakistan. Being a journalist we are so used to reading news about clashes between 2 rivals groups in Pakistan.

This was something refreshing keeping the violent history of Pakistani higher education institutions. This is important because a few months ago there was a clash in Punjab university just because a group of students presenting their traditional dance in Punjab university.

Awaiting the Song:

The response from all over the country is heartening and people especially young ones are waiting for the song which may be released on Sunday 1st of March. Whatever the outcome is using social media as a marketing tool is not new, however using it to engage fans, students, youngsters from across the country is a remarkable achievement by all means. We just hope that the unofficial anthem is good enough for Pakistani cricket fans this time.

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