Ali Zafar Tweets His Support to Mahira Khan
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Ali Zafar Tweets His Support to Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan has been facing social media ire over her leaked pics with Ranbir Kapoor

Last night the internet went crazy when pictures of Mahira Khan sharing a smoke with Ranbir Kapoor emerged. The pics were apparently taken in New York. Immediately the media and social media went into a meltdown. Unfortunately, it also led to a lot of trolling of the Raees actress. Commentators wrote about her outfit and the fact that she was smoking.

While it indicated a typical misogynistic and conservative mindset against a woman exercising her choice, there were voices of support too with fans writing that her private life was no one’s business to be judged.

One such voice was that of Ali Zafar. In a heartfelt post on Twitter which he addressed to Mahira, he wrote, ‘What has happened to us? Have we lost all sense of sensibility? Must we choose, gossip, intrigue and self-appointed right of judgment over restrain (sic), grace, tolerance and compassion?

Every woman has the right to make her own choices in life (as long as she is not hurting anyone) just as we men do. How we react defines our own character. Choose wisely for we shall be judged.’

Well done Ali!

Here is the tweet.  

Ali Zafar Tweets His Support to Mahira Khan

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