Ali Rehman Khan’s Leaked Video Shows Him Shouting at an Employee

Ali Rehman Khan’s Leaked Video Shows Him Shouting at an Employee

Ali Rehman Khan’s latest video shows him shouting at a fast food chain employee, which is not being received well by fans

Ali Rehman Khan is one of the most celebrated artists in Pakistan. The actor has several films and TV dramas under his belt, some of his most famous ones include Parchi, Janaan and the recently released Heer Maan Ja. Ali is also a huge favourite when it comes to the audience in Pakistan, but time and again, celebrities – be it from whichever part of the world – often land themselves in a bit of a controversy. And this time around, it is Ali who’s gotten himself under the radar.

In a video shared by a social media user Mehak Majid, Ali can be seen ordering himself a meal at a famous fast food chain. However, he is seen screaming and shouting at the cashier. In the clip, Ali says, “Do you know who I am? Have you ever seen me on TV? You are an employee and your job is to listen to me. I’m paying.” Throughout the video, the cashier is also trying to calm Ali down and asking him not to get upset. As of now, it’s still unclear as to why Ali reacted the way he did. It’s not confirmed if the incident was real or a publicity stunt.

Many social media users are calling out the actor for his behavior. One wrote, “This is one minute away from my place. It’s the DHA Phase 1 McDonald's. I get my coffee from them every day. I know all the staff there and they are very helpful. Don’t know why he got so upset with them but who cares who you are and if you come on TV or not.”

Another wrote, “I saw employee was talking in a humble manner but Ali Rehman Khan was not stopping. What made him so angry?”

One shared, “He was my favorite actor in this industry. Why, Ali Rehman Khan? Why? Why did you do this?”

Ali himself hasn’t publically commented on the clip, however, the video is making rounds on social media under #AliRehmanLeakedVideo

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